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Munchkin Review: Star Munchkin - Space Ships

Updated on October 15, 2015

Brief Synopsis

This expansion gives a good idea with little substance and content. This is considered one of the smallest expansions of Munchkin, containing only 15 cards, and still costs $4.99, meaning you get 3 cards for every dollar. That being said, this booster pack adds something completely new to the Star Munchkin series, Ships, just like those in Munchkin Booty.

Honestly, it's better to call it a booster pack instead of an expansion. It even comes in foil packaging. In other words, this review will be pretty short.

New Addition: Ships!

Ships are generally other items you can equip in your Ship slot, meaning you (normally) can only have one ship at a time. You can increase your numbers with Otto, a new Sidekick, Cheat! cards, and other ways. Ships in this series give you +bonuses, sometimes more if you're a certain Race or Class. They don't necessarily change the game in any fundamental ways, but they are fun to collect and amass a fleet of.

Closing Thoughts

If you've played Munchkin Booty before and enjoyed the Ship inclusion, you aren't missing much here. I find the Ships in Booty to be incorporated better and not as a 15 card booster pack. Those who haven't, there is some reason to get this, and if you like it, Munchkin Booty is definitely worth looking into, as it is one of my favorite Munchkin themes.

It is better though, if you incorporate this 'booster' with Munchkin Booty to have some really interesting ship combinations.

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