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Must have Wii games

Updated on August 15, 2011

The Nintendo Wii console has become the best selling game console, in the world and for good reason. Nintendo's innovative Wii controller allows for a far more immersive gaming experience.

The Wii appeals to a much wider gaming community, than traditional gaming consoles. Making more women and younger kids Wii enthusiasts. However to really enjoy the Wii you need some great Wii games. You will find these great Wii games in our must have Wii games list.

New Super Mario Bros

The Strongest points of the new super Mario Bros are: the multiplayer (up to 4 players), the challenging difficulty, great level design and plenty of replay value.

The gameplay will be instantly recognizable by anyone who grew up with the mustachioed plumber's various adventures, throughout the years.

Your job is still to go from point A to point B while avoiding various traps and enemies. This of course requires intricate planning, accurate timing and ninjalike reflexes. Then there are the expected epic boss battle.

The bottom line is that the new super Mario Bros is an absolute blast to play!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

COD Modern Warfare is currently the best first person shooter for the Wii. If you are a fan of first person shooters, you will find the Wii to be a surprisingly good platform. I would strongly consider getting the Wii zapper though. It makes the game feel much more authentic.

Modern Warfare is set in our time, so you will be kitted out with modern guns and equipment.

If you have your Wii connected to the internet, you are in for a great time. The multiplayer games can only be described as epic. You can join up to 10 other players and there are a variety of games, from the classic Death Match to some creative objective type games.

Little King's Story

Little King's Story is a combination of roleplaying and strategy. Your job is to grow your tiny empire and gather as much treasure as possible. The game is extremely cute, but it does have quite a bit of depth.

Little King's Story starts out very easy with a great tutorial and then becomes more difficult, as you gain more followers and take on larger challenges. This allows even inexperienced and young gamers to pick the game up and play it.

Little King's story has gorgeous visuals and will make you smile with it's wit and charm.

EA Sports Active

Firstly you don't need the Wii fit balance board to do any of the EA Sports Activities. Having the balance board does make some of them better though.

I am a bit of a couch potato and I find it very hard to keep motivated when it comes to diet and exercise. The biggest thing that EA Sports Active has going for it is that it's a lot of fun. This will keep you coming back for more exercise.

EA Sports Active comes with a Wii Nunchuk-housing thigh band for tracking your running and a stretchy resistance band for weightlifting and lunging. With all of this you can do just about everything you do in the gym. The difference is that it doesn't get repetitive.

Some of the activities are: squats and lunges, running on a track, boxing with targets and a heavy bag, bicep curls, inline skating complete with jumping tricks, hitting, aerobic dancing, throwing a baseball, swinging a tennis racket and shooting a basketball.

Boom Blox Bash Party

Boom Blox Bash Party is a fun puzzle game from Electronic Arts and Steven Spielberg. Boom Blox Bash Party is a bigger, better and definitely more destructive sequel to last year's Boom Blox.

The Boom Blox levels are easy to understand, because at the basic level, your goal is nearly always to destroy the blocks. Just how you destroy the block changes, quite a bit, through the 400 or so levels. The single player game takes place in a cheerful amusement park, the park offers many different themes and variety of games.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Now, I am not a fan of golfing games, but when they get a game this right, it has to be included in any must have Wii games list. The game works with the motion plus remote add-on and you really need it to get the most out of the game.

The previous Wii PGA game they made had serious problems, but PGA Tour 10 is much better. The part they improved the most is the controls, it really is very responsive. With the motion plus you can get the club face angle and the direction of the swing perfect.

For my money, PGA Tour 10 is the most fun you can have with a sports game, particularly if you are a golfer.

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EA Sports Active - must have wii games 2010
EA Sports Active - must have wii games 2010
EA Sports box - Must have Wii games for kids
EA Sports box - Must have Wii games for kids
Must have Wii games of 2010
Must have Wii games of 2010


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    • Chris Qu profile image

      Chris Qu 

      6 years ago

      The only game I'd say on this list that's really good is New Super Mario Bros. Wii (excellent game, there.) The others range from mediocre, to shovelware.

      Both of the Zeldas are required owning, in my opinion. Brawl would also make a good choice. And then there's Punch-Out!! and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

      Many people also loved Mario Galaxy, although I found that one to be fairly overrated.

    • wiigame profile image


      8 years ago from Hertfordshire

      Yeah some great games here, the new super mario is great fun. Look out for the new EA 2010 FIFA world cup and I reckon Fragile Dreams will be a huge hit!

    • harrisdy profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      i've got to get these games especially the super mario bros... thanks!

    • gr8info profile image


      8 years ago

      I love the wii too :)I think wii sports is the overall best wii game


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