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My Candy Crush Saga Experience

Updated on January 8, 2014


NOTE: In order to improve the browsing speed of this page, most of the videos were removed. You can view all of my Candy Crush Saga videos at my YouTube channel Meudi Games. Thanks for visiting! :)

Skill or luck? Some of both...

Candy Crush Saga is a fairly new game on Facebook, derived from the Candy Crush skill game by Different from the version you can find on website, Candy Crush Saga brings several levels, each one with a different challenge and layout.

Since the first time I played it, I was amazed by the absolutely beautiful pieces of candy and the gracefulness in which they move on the screen.

The main challenges orbit around time, clearing the jelly and bringing down ingredients, while additional hurdles such as blocked candies, chocolate squares and variable boards get in your way.

By matching candies in sets of four in line, five in L shape or five in line, you can obtain special candies which help you explode a large amount of candy and possibly create cascade effects that will boost your score.

As you advance through the levels, you will notice that sometimes you must produce a specific special candy in order to reach the goal. For instance, when you are required to bring down ingredients, exploding a vertically stripped candy on the ingredient's column is the way to go.

There are no magic tricks for any of the levels. However, I'm publishing videos of my games and eventually writing hints, so that if you're stuck at a certain level, I hope the videos will help you get an insight of what has to be done to beat that level.

This hub is not about instructions on how to play the game since you get all the instructions on screen, it is about giving everyone a visual demonstration of one way to finish the most challenging levels. Feel free to comment and discuss and if you want to see a certain level that I haven't published here, check my YouTube channel Meudi Games. If you can't find it there, leave me a note and I'll try to capture and publish your "favorite hateful" level as soon as possible :)


What do you like the most about Candy Crush Saga?

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Candy Crush Saga - Dreamworld

Have you seen the Dreamworld?

Dreamworld is the new set of levels within Candy Crush Saga. It's not available to everyone, and I'm not aware of the criteria... all I know is that reaching level 500 is not a requirement! The new levels are extra cute and, although they seem to be easier than the regular levels, there is a new challenge: keeping the little owl standing on it's branch. If you keep her balance, she will help you with the MOONSTRUCK boost. If she falls, you fail the level! Here is the first Dreamworld level. Visit MeudiGames on YouTube to see more levels.


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Candy Crush 110

Level 110 - The goal proposed in the beginning of the level is confuse. It says "Score 100,000 points to complete the level." But you will see, after you reach 100,000 points the game still goes on and the pepper candy will get in your way. So, you actually have to use all of your 40 moves dealing with pepper candy and only then, if you have reached that score, you'll win. As a personal hint, remove each pepper candy immediately and, after reaching 100,000, I recommend not popping your special candy right away. Keep some spread around as they may help you get rid of pepper candy if you can't match them.

Candy Crush 109

Level 109 - The most effective way to get rid of the initial pepper candy and jelly, in my opinion, is to make special candy. Horizontal striped candy on their rows - activated, of course - will get you there.

Candy Crush 108

Level 108 - Once you have reached the minimum score (14,000) don't worry about getting more time bonuses because the longer you continue playing, the more pepper candy will pop up. Let the timer end and you'll win :)

Candy Crush 102

Candy Crush 97

Candy Crush 95

In level 95, the last of Episode 7, I found it very useful to make horizontal striped candy in the lower rows, as well as combining striped with wrapped candy in the same area. It will help your ingredients reach the bottom.

Candy Crush 92

Candy Crush 91

Level 91 - It's a very tough level! As you can see, I didn't bother much about the upper rows, I focused more on playing in the lower ones. The upper ones will (likely) get cleared by the cascades you create from the bottom. Let the special candies clear the jelly for you and get a nice score :)

CandyCrush 90

On level 90, all your moves must happen in the right pannel. Try to keep the two ingredients in the middle column, otherwise it will be very hard to make them reach the bottom.

Candy Crush 88

Candy Crush 86

This level took me many tries to beat. There is no trick for it, just perseverance, and making as many special candy as you can ;)

Candy Crush level 80

Clear the bottom as soon as you can in order to get a lot of cascades which will give you bonus time candy. Can't wait for the next series of levels :)

Candy Crush level 77

Combining a super candy with a striped candy is a great way of getting rid of the jellied row in the middle.

Candy Crush level 78

Make sure that your ingredients are placed somewhere in the three middle columns before they reach the lower part of the board, otherwise they might get stuck in a corner.

Candy Crush level 76

It took a few tries to realize that the "bottom" of the level 76 is actually the top left panel (it has 4 tiny green arrow icons under it). So, the main action must happen there. The only way to bring the ingredients down is by opening room in that part of the board. Try to focus your moves in there instead of the remaining areas.

Candy Crush 70

Candy Crush 58

Level 58 - We all feel tempted to remove the chocolate or "manually" clear the corner jelly, but that's just going to make you spend all your moves. Focus on making as many special candy as you can and they will do the clearing job for you. And of course, good luck! :)

Candy Crush level 27

Hurry up to make special candy...

How to make a 40.000 score with such a short time? As you can see, there is no yellow candy here, so with 5 colors left it should be easier to make special candy. For every cascade effect you produce, a candy marked with 5 sec. bonus will show up, and you need to match it in order to add the extra time to the time counter bar.


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