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My Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Guide and Review

Updated on September 23, 2015

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Within the Dynasty Warriors franchise itself there are also several subsagas, mainly two : Xtreme Legends and the one we are talking about: Empires . While the former serves as an extension of the main games ( with new characters, skills and costumes) , Empires added to the hack and slash formula strategic elements , resulting in a curious and interesting amalgam . And so, after enjoying Dynasty Warriors 8 and 8 Xtreme Legends Dynasty Warriors , it's time to lead Eastern armies in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires .

Liu Shan
Liu Shan

The hard life of the Empire

From the 'Empire Mode' we can access the different campaigns featuring the game, all based on the battles that are narrated in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, though, if we wish, we can also create and participate in contests suited to our tastes, with our own rules and characters. Just do not expect to find large video scenes that narrate the events: the few that are used to narrate events set as the beginning or end of the adventure, they are absolutely identical choose the character you choose. Speaking of characters, virtually anyone who has had some prominence along the Dynasty Warriors series is available for selection as commander, leading to an overwhelming cast of warriors, each with their own abilities and attacks: from Sun Quan that sweeps the battlefield at full speed with his sword, to Liu Shan, a young man who wreaks havoc in battle with ... A wooden bench

The priority of Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is to put ourselves in the shoes of a warrior whose main goal is to unify the kingdoms the way we want to, whether through alliance ... or invading and destroying neighboring territories. It is also possible to act from different positions: exercise as "vagabonds" who owe allegiance to no nation, creating our own (something quite risky, I must say) or join an army and move up the ranks to become the top leaders. Each position carries its pros and cons, for example, working under the orders of an army gives us a monthly payment for our services, some services (represented as targets) that we meet or yes. While, as vagabonds, we have complete freedom to do as we please, no requirements or strings ... But no monthly payments.

From the strategic option menu, we can carry out many tasks such as persuade other generals to join our cause, recruit soldiers, increase our profits, invade territories, exercise as negotiators for the alliances, gather materials, participate in missions to supply weapons to our troops .... of course, many of these actions make the time inexorably forward, and if after 50 years we have failed to unify all kingdoms we will get a painful Game Over screen. This screen is given both in this case, as when a nation that is not ours get conquer the entire territory. This means one defeat in battle does not mean your final defeat.

Strategic Menu
Strategic Menu

Thumbs... what are they for?

Despite the strategic dense layer, the battles against hundreds of enemies remain the crux of the matter ... And little has changed from Dynasty Warriors 8 and 8 Xtreme Legends Dynasty Warriors. Control a single character that can wipe out dozens of enemies in one fell swoop, we have access to many spectacular combos and magical attacks, different weapons, mounts move at full speed ... The main difference is the inclusion of new EX weapons for determined generals and the possibility of using certain strategic options in battle, known as stratagems.

The stratagems vary depending on the character, and as we progress in our career as general, we gain access to new, more powerful options. They come in all types, from simple to merely recover a slight part of the health of our allies, to large-scale strategies that can make enemy soldiers to flee for some time, seeking an advantage that can turn around the battle in the blink of an eye. We also have the option of building sites that serve as bases in the battlefield ... with the risk of losing them if we don't duly defend. The weather also plays a small role, because depending on the time and weather, the battle may opt to either side.

All these options sound great on paper, the problem is that in the heat of battle you can ignore them completely and devote ourselves to follow the 'Dynasty formula ' blindly: button mashing an slay anyone who dares to stand in our way. And in most situations, following this formula the result is equal or more favorable than if we dedicate ourselves to thoroughly strategize our attack. It is true that I equally enjoyed the game, but it is also true that Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires ends up falling into the monotony of the franchise since almost the first delivery.

I must add, that playing in the highest difficulty would be a real challenge that actually requires to use a good strategy to win a battle.

Dynasty Warrios 8 Emires Review
Dynasty Warrios 8 Emires Review

Losing a battle does not mean the end of the war.

Graphically, PS4 version is far below what is expected of a set of new generation consoles, with a solid but very simple finished, especially as far as texture is concerned. While, yes, we must recognize that despite of displaying hundreds of enemies constantly, the game moves smoothly at all times, and I have not noticed drops in frames.

That said, this is a game that will delight fans of the massive battles, military strategy and oriental mythical story. But I emphasize the 'fans' part, as they and only they will be the ones to enjoy 100% of this light breath of fresh air to a franchise that cries out for renewal of its game mechanics.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires arrives, as usual, entirely in English and Japanese voices.

3 stars for Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

Dynasty Warriors 8; Empires Trailer


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