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My Key Chain Collections

Updated on July 6, 2015

What is a key chain?

Key chain is a popular gift item which can be connected to a key ring which is usually made of plastic or metal.

Some companies gives this as a give away to their customers or employees.

Key Chain from Baguio City, Philippines
Key Chain from Baguio City, Philippines | Source

Key Chain from Baguio City, Philippines

On this key chain you would see a good quote about friendship. A friend of mine also collects key chains. She loves to travel and read the bible.

This key chain is a gift from my friend after her trip from Baguio City, Philippines.

That place is popular for this type of key chain which is made up of wood carved into different shapes.

You could ask the key chain seller to include a personal message or quote on the key chain you bought. You could also have them put your name on it.

If you will visit that place, you'll see different wood carved items like key chains and display items that you could bring at home which serves as a souvenir.

Key Chain from Malaysia
Key Chain from Malaysia | Source
Key Chain from Thailand
Key Chain from Thailand | Source

Key Chain from Malaysia

This is a key chain given to me by some Sales Agents for the company I worked for way back in year 2006.

I worked as an Administrative Staff for a local dealer of Agricultural products in our country. Those Sales Agents was sent to a seminar held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's paid by the company.

Those sales agents are assigned in different parts of our country to offer products to farm owners for their pigs and chickens.

Key Chain from Thailand

I have a friend which is a Geologist and a University Professor. She was a scholar and was sent to different countries to study the different structure of rocks.

I admire her because she is humble even though she's already a successful person. She gave me this key chain after her trip from Bangkok, Thailand.


Key Chain from an Egyptian Friend

This key chain is a gift item given to my husband by his Egyptian friend during the time that he is working in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

My husband worked there as a computer technician.

I kept this because I love to collect key chains.

My husband told me that his Egyptian friend is a kind woman. He worked with her in a popular eye center in Riyadh.

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White sheep key chainCute puppy key chain
White sheep key chain
White sheep key chain | Source
Cute puppy key chain
Cute puppy key chain | Source

White sheep and puppy key chains

These are gifts given by my friend in our local church.

A white sheep symbolizes purity, honesty and kindness while the cute puppy symbolizes loyalty and friendship.

Types of Key chains:

  • Key chains made of up of wood
  • Key chains made up of metal
  • Key chains made up of plastic material
  • USB key chains
  • Bottle opener key chains
  • Photo key chains

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Flashlight key chainLaser pointer key chain
Flashlight key chain
Flashlight key chain | Source
Laser pointer key chain
Laser pointer key chain | Source

Company giveaway key chains

Those keychains came from the company I worked for. I worked as a Customer Service Representative for three years.

Question No. 1

Would you like to receive a key chain as your birthday gift?

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Key chain as memorable gifts

Key chains serves as memorable gift items. One could put it on their bags, attached to their keys or wallets. There are also online stores built with online designer that allows you to customize the key chain of your choice. This is something you could give to your love one on their special occasion like birthday, anniversary, baptismal or christening.

Key chain as a unique item

Key chains are unique items that you could store for future use.

You could also buy key chains made up of plastic material wherein you could insert your own printed photo. It varies in sizes and different shapes.

Key chains made of metal with engraved name is expensive.

Question No. 2

Do you collect key chains?

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Why do I collect key chains?

I collect those key chains because it serves as a token of friendship from my friends. It has sentimental value.

It's an affordable item that I would love to receive.

My suggestions:

  • If you run out of ideas, you could consider this as a gift item.
  • If you are running a business, this is an affordable item you could give to your employees and customers.


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