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Cheap Playstation 3 Games - To BUY or not to BUY for Christmas 2014

Updated on November 30, 2014

Game review

Having a hard time finding PS3 games to buy that are fun? Do you want something different than the usual? Below you will find a list of games I have purchased and played quite a bit. I am not an obsessive gamer (although i do play quiet a bit when I get time and I do really get into the game if its right). I am very impartial and like to mix it up too, with different genre's. I am also going to update this article every week or so. Enjoy!


This game is just such a blast. If you like your mario but obviously can't get it on the PS3, grab a copy of this game. Not only do I find it more entertaining than Super Mario brothers, but i also find the 2 player to be one of the best around. The story may be a little nutso, and it ,may not be too logical, but its just so much FUN that it doesn't matter. I recommend this side scroller for someone looking for a 2 player game. It can be played here and there or you could spend hours going from level to level until the game is complete. It really is a throw back to those sega style games for just you and yours, but with beautiful scenery and graphics to bring the genre in 2012.

Genre: Platformer

Age: All ages

Players: 1-4 (I recommend 2 player)

Unlockables / Customization: Its not that kind of game


Story of the game is weak (but does it need to be anything more)

Rating: 9/10


As an avid Gran Turismo fan of the 90's, I could never wait to switch on the original game and race away against my brothers with the Civic against the Colt, or the Dodge Viper against the TVR Cerbera. Over the years I had less and less time, and found myself playing the sequels less and less.

Well when I heard about Gran Turismo 5, it had been about 5 years since I had played any of its predecessors. I though, 'well I will give it a try'. And how glad I am to have made the purchase. This game is fantastic and brings you back to the feeling you got when you played the first title. The music is cheesy, the graphics are modern, sleek and just damn right perfect. And for its time, it is still the best. You can race everything from a Dodge Ram pick upi truck to a Ferrari F50. Formula 1 cars, Nascars and Le mans series vehicles, are all includes folks.

If you don't find realism fun though, you may want to opt for something more smashy smashy. The only unrealistic thing about Gran Turismo 5, is that the car wont smash to pieces on impact. It just receives some light damage. This really doesn't matter to me though. For the fact still stands, that this is as close as it gets to driving the real deal.

Genre: Car Racing

Age: All Ages

Players: 2 Player split screen or play online (Its pretty difficult to get a race online though)

Unlockables: Lots and Lots.... and did I say Lots? You car lovers wont be bored

Some cars are not premium and so not fully customizable

Crash damage is unrealistic and may annoy some. Do it right or leave it out

Online multiplayer is disorganized

Rating: 8.9/10

Civilization Revolution

Since the beginning of my time with games, I have been into civilization. I started playing on the PC, and just couldn't stop. If you like the idea of starting out with nothing but a settler to create your city, and you eventually expand across the landscape into the unknown to create more cities then this game is for you. And in the darkness lies more civilizations. You will have to befriend them or fight them to the death to conquer the planet, while you research through new ideas, or you build your army and wealth, while destroying your competition.

This game is not as in depth as the civilization series on the PC, but it does have its own consoley charm. The ability to play against friends or strangers online is great (although most people just leave when you are beating them so its best to play with friends).

This game is one you must have in your collection. It seems a little bland for me having played the in depth versions on the PC, however, I do now spend more time playing this version and it can stand up on its own as a great game. Highly recommended and great fun.

Genre: Strategy - Empire Builder - turn based

Ages: All Ages

Players: 1 Player (Online Multiplayer)

Unlockables/Customization: A nice amount of downloadable content including maps and scenarios. Some are even free.


Some options have been cut for those who already have played the PC version of the Civ series

Rating: 8.1/10

Resident Evil 5

And horror it was. $25 dollars at game stop for the well reviewed resident evil 5. I was hoping for a game similar to the spooky ones that i used to have on the PS1. But absolute trash is what I got. We played it in an oddly shaped split screen mode for 10 minutes, The game is stressful, violent and just plain boring. You keep doing the same thing over and over until you get it. Everything is frustrating, from the controls to the enemies.

If you are into blood splattering and just want another good graphics, mindless onslaught, then this may be ok for you. Yet it would still fall below the standard of so many other games out there right now for $25.

Graphics are good. Otherwise, utterly disappointed. Terrible game.

Genre: 3rd person shooter/horror

Age: 16 +

Unlockables: I would never play it for that long to care


Can't reload while moving

Can't shoot whole moving

Repetitive gameplay

Frustrating controls

Not in the spirit of older RE titles and just feels like a shooter.

Why are all the enemies black? Its very odd

Rating: 2/10

Goldeneye 007 - Reloaded

This game was meant to be a copy of the N64 goldeneye game from back in the day. It has its similarities, but this is, in essence, a completely different experience. For me, it can compete with the more beefy shooter came that are available now, while at the same time, being James Bond, and having more style than those other games. Its multiplayer is awesome and its online multiplayer is addictive. The campaign mode must be the best ever James Bond campaign. Gat game overall!

Genre: Shoot me up

Ages: 13+ not as violent as other shooters

Rating: 8.5/10


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