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My Starter Pokemon in Each Generation

Updated on January 18, 2018
Ralph Castro profile image

I've been a fan of Pokémon since the beginning & an anime fan since birth. I love to read manga and play video games, including Dota 2.

Starter Pokemon

These are the Pokemon that the Professors of each region handed out to you on the start of your Pokemon adventure. It consists of three Pokemon with different typings - Grass, Fire and Water. As a Pokemon fan, this is the very first dilemma that you will encounter. Because most of the people wants to have all three. Also, the Pokemon of your rival(s) will also depend on whom you will choose.

In this post, I will name all the starter Pokemon I choose from the very first generation up to the latest. I will also give the reason why I chose that Pokemon.

As a heads up, there will be no Fire type starter Pokemon. I don't believe that they are the most "powerful" starter. I think they are all overrated. From Charizard, to Blaziken, all the way to Infernape, and to Incineroar, I never liked any of those. They have too many spotlight on them that people tend to pick those ugly looking Pokemon. (Sorry, I just hate them so much).

Oh, I almost forgot. I get the idea to make this as an article in this quora question: Do you tend to choose the same type starter Pokémon in each generation?

Did you use only one type of starter pokemon in all generation?

See results

Generation 1

The first starter Pokemon I chose is Squirtle.

I like Squirtle because of it awesome evolution. Also because it is the cutest among the three. I also like its color. lol

Kidding aside, I think that having Blastoise in your team is a dream come true. Blastoise is so epic having canons on its back blasting and pumping waters on them. It is so cool. But I also liked Wartortle. From a cutesy Squirtle, it became a more mature and serious looking Wartortle.

Stat-wise, I think Squirtle is a bit versatile than the other two starters. Its move pool is also reliable from the start til end. The fact that it is strong and cute at the same time, you can never go wrong with that.

Generation 2

Totodile is a bit funny looking Pokemon. Don't get me started on the way they spell out "Ferraligatr".

You will think that its a joke to pick this as a starter, since Chikorita and Cyndaquil is way cuter than Totodile. But for me it is more appropriate to use this as a starter. It has great attack and defense; and a decent speed. It also has access to great moves that can greatly affects your adventure. So with that, you can just go with someone that looks like a joke rather than picking the cute ones but lacks power, right?

Generation 3

Treecko is the first Pokemon I like so much because of its unique design. I know some of you will hate on this Pokemon, but come on, its signature move, Leaf Blade made this Pokemon more bad-ass than ever. Two blades made of leaves in your arms? SO COOL! I think of this Pokemon as an assassin dinosaur! Cool, right? Stat-wise this one is also reliable. It is speedy and has a decent attack stat.

Generation 4

Actually, I don't really like any of the Generation four's starter Pokemon. It's all a bit mediocre to me. But then I remember this one anime called B't X, where there is a Mecha or robot that resembles a turtle. Also, there's this symbol of Chinese Constellation that resembles a turtle also. Because of that, I choose Turtwig. I named it Genbu honoring one the symbols on Chinese Constellation.

Stat-wise, it only has a decent to mediocre defense and attack stat. The disadvantage will be its super low speed.

Generation 5

This is one of the Pokemon that has a disappointing evolution. A samurai Pokemon is a great idea. But making this samurai Pokemon a quadruped body, it is utterly depressing. I have high hopes with this Pokemon, design wise but Game Freak lets me down. It doesn't end there. Oshawott also has one of the most disappointing stat for a starter. The only redeeming part is that it has a high special attack. But it is useless since most of its move is a Physical attack.

But even though it is disappointing, I still like this Pokemon. I just can't resist its cuteness. I am so sorry.

Generation 6

From the first generation up to generation six, Froakie and its evolutionary line is my most favorite Pokemon. Design and its stats are off the charts! It also has a wide variety of move set that you can tweak depending on the ability and where you will use it. A ninja Pokemon is simply the best for me that time. I remember I didn't stop doing the Friend Safari, just to get a shiny Frogadier. My efforts were rewarded! I caught a Shiny Frogadier and evolved it into a Shiny Greninja. Who wouldn't want a Shiny Greninja? It's black and it's elegant! (for me)

Generation 7

I thought no one can surpass Greninja as my most favorite Pokemon of all time. But comes the generation 7. It introduces us to a round owl, Rowlet. The cutest ever! And when it evolves it will become a fully grown owl that resembles an archer. It is the coolest Pokemon ever! Design wise and Stat wise it is like Froakie - great on both design and stat-wise.


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    • profile image

      Pokemon fan 

      9 months ago

      I really like most of the grass types. I also dont like fire type starters but I dont hate them that much.

      Gen1 - Charmander

      Gen2 - Chikorita

      Gen3 - Mudkip

      Gen4 - Piplup

      Gen5 - Snivy

      Gen6 - Froakie

      Gen7 - Popplio

    • Bradley Robbins profile image

      Bradley Robbins 

      9 months ago from Sun Valley

      G1: Bulbasaur - Made Brock and Misty EZ

      G2: Chikorita All the way

      G3: Treeko

      G4: Turtwig - Final evolution reminds me of Axe Battler

      G5: Snivy - Samurai Snowman looked cool then got weird

      G6: Froakie - NINJA FROG. YES.

      G7: Litten - Fire. Kitten. Litten.

      I guess I stayed with Grass type for a good long time.

      Then it started coming down to looks as my starter would likely be a benchwarmer after picking up legendaries and mascots.


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