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My Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

Updated on January 23, 2015

The Final Fantasy series is full of amazing characters. Without well-developed characters, the series would not be so acclaimed. It has to have awesome characters in order for the story to be so meaningful and engaging. Here is a list of some of my favorite Final Fantasy characters from different entries in the series. Who are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Celes Chere
Celes Chere | Source

10) Celes Chere

Celes is one of the strongest women in the Final Fantasy series. She's independent, relying on her own skills to get her out of situations. Although she seems aloof and brash at first, her character grows on you as you play through Final Fantasy VI. Her character is also found in Theatrhythm, but only as a downloadable character on iOS.

Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
Lenna Charlotte Tycoon | Source

9) Lenna

Lenna (also known as Reina) is from Final Fantasy V. She is a strong-willed character who is always willing to help someone in need. Lenne is always determined to do what's right, and that's one of the reasons her character made an impact on me. I think it's a shame she is not a more recognized character.

Fran | Source

8) Fran

Fran is a mysterious character from Final Fantasy XII. She is a Viera. I found her character to be very interesting, even though you never get to learn a whole lot about her. I can identify with her feeling lonely, but I can understand why she left the forest. Even though she is cold at times, she is a loyal person.

Tidus | Source

7) Tidus

Ok, I'm going to say it - Tidus from Final Fantasy X is a bit doofy. But that's part of his charm. He's so happy-go-lucky, it's impossible to hate him (at least for me!). Although he is childish, you get to see him mature through the events of the game. He is completely selfless and is able to be very sensitive to those around him. Since he was a main character, he's also found in Dissidia, Theatrhythm, and Kingdom Hearts.

Barret Wallace
Barret Wallace | Source

6) Barret Wallace

Barret is a character who makes me smile. He's a serious character with a devastating past, but he is able to persevere. I love his enthusiasm for everything, and of course his cursing is pretty hilarious. While he has a tough exterior, you get to see his soft side through his interactions with Marlene, his daughter. Barret is from the Final Fantasy VII series.

Auron | Source

5) Auron

Now, here's a character who is just badass. Auron is wise, strong, and no-nonsense. He may appear gruff but he truly cares about his friends. I think Auron has some of the best quotes from the entire Final Fantasy series, and I can still remember some of his important teachings, years after playing Final Fantasy X. In addition to the main game, Auron is in X-2, Kingdom Heart II, and he is a downloadable character for certain versions of Theatrhythm.

Terra Branford
Terra Branford | Source

4) Terra Branford

Terra is from Final Fantasy VI, and she's also found in Dissidia and Theatrhythm. She was the first female lead in the series, and I remember being so excited about her character and concept art. Her struggle to find herself was something I felt I could relate to so many years ago. Terra was one of the first video game characters I could identify with, and that has stuck with me even years later. (Plus, we have the same birthday!)

Yuna | Source

3) Yuna

Yuna is from Final Fantasy X and X-2, and she appears in some other FF games as well, including Dissidia and Theatrhythm. She's brave and tough, yet also kind to those she loves. She is willing to give the ultimate sacrifice to save the world. Yuna never gives up, which is one of the reasons I love her.

Squall Leonhart
Squall Leonhart | Source

2) Squall Leonhart

Here's a character that most people love to hate. But Squall holds a special place in my heart. Sure, he's pretty emo and conflicted. But that's what I love about him. He's a hero who doesn't know what he wants. He's awkward and tries to ignore his emotions. Watching him transform into someone who is able to open up, even just a little, is one of the best parts of Final Fantasy VIII. You can also see Squall in Kingdom Hearts as Leon, and he makes appearances in Dissidia and Theatrhythm.

Aerith Gainsborough
Aerith Gainsborough | Source

1) Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith is from the FFVII series and she's also found in the Kingdom Hearts series. She is also in Dissidia, and Theatrhythm, and she has a cameo in Final Fantasy Tactics. Her character had a huge impact on me when I first played Final Fantasy VII years ago. Her kind demeanor and willingness to do anything to save the Planet makes her one of my most favorite video game characters of all time.

Which character from my list is your favorite?

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