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My Top 3 Worst Prize Categories in Video Games

Updated on May 29, 2020

What are you on about now?

Okay I have played many video games, and just like in any good game once you play it you kind of expect some sort of reward for your efforts, perhaps a new weapon, a new character, a new game plus but sometimes your efforts are rewarded with a prize that just simply was not worth the time you put in, Many would call Hetsu's gift a prime example of this but as I had stated in my article discussing this I don't feel quite the same.

What's that you say? "this has been done to death." Well did you read the title? no I am going to look at the different categories for prizes and list 3 of the worst starting with.

No 1. Art

A art piece that you can win in Godzilla Unleashed.
A art piece that you can win in Godzilla Unleashed.
Some concept art for Sinbad in Sonic and the Secret Rings
Some concept art for Sinbad in Sonic and the Secret Rings

Okay let me start of by saying that I like art, in fact you am someone that can be moved by a simple piece of art and may go out of his way to display it, however that being said it is a very lousy prize in a game. When you start up a game it's not to look at some pretty pictures it's to have fun in the game, if you wanted to look at some pretty pictures you would probably just do a online search on google or something. Don't get me wrong these artist who helped put this master piece called a video game probably went through hundreds of drafts before settling on a final design, but I think I can speak for most of us when I say nobody is interested in a doodle that doesn't look a thing like the main character. even if the art is good it still makes for a lousy prize.

No 2. Music

The sound test in Smash Bros Melee.
The sound test in Smash Bros Melee.

Much like art I would imagine if you are looking to hear some of the awesome tracks from your favorite game would probably just look it up on google or YouTube. this is very similar to the last one in terms of how much work they put into it but I would say this one I might care little more about, that being said however I don't need to playing for a few hours only to win the jumping sound effect and this is a mode you probably won't spend allot of time in if any. I like music and I feel some of the composers at Nintendo are probably some of the most talented people around but that being said it's still kind of a lousy prize saving the princess.

No 3. The Right to buy

The Pony in question is Apple Cobbler in My Little Pony mobile by Gameloft
The Pony in question is Apple Cobbler in My Little Pony mobile by Gameloft

Let me set the stage, you have been grinding for hours, finally you reach the point amount or beat the right boss to win your new character and he or she looks cool and has really good states or whatever only for you to realize that you only unlocked the right to buy said character. this is mostly a mobile game such as gathering points in the minecart minigame of My Little pony Gameloft to get Apple Cobbeler, it takes 163,000 points to unlock her and then another10,000 gold coins to buy her. I have seen this in video games as well, for example Godzilla Unleashed you had to buy all of the monsters with points earned by playing the game. This wouldn't be so bad if some of them weren't already hiding behind a trick or two like shoot all the medals in this course or maybe in the case of Biolante in Godzilla Unleashed find and destroy a very particular building in Osaka and then fight her in the story mode. If you have to buy it, it really is not a prize is it.

That can't be all?

Oh by all means no, this list is not definitive and some fall under a false intension similar to Hetsu's gift or any steam achievement or PlayStation trophy really. But that's it for my list what do you guys think of some of these prize categories and what game prizes do you think are lousy let me know in the comments below. I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.


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