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My Top LEGO Websites

Updated on May 27, 2015

One of the amazing things about LEGO is how open they are too their fans. Their products and copyrighted and trademarked. People should be respectful of these laws, because it is how the company thrives. By LEGO being profitable, they are able to continually supply us with more toys to stretch our imagination. However, they actively encourage fans to build and share their creations using LEGO products. In the age of the internet, this has expanded to people creating websites and starting blogs about LEGO.

The following are my favorite LEGO related websites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Brickipedia Logo
Brickipedia Logo | Source

1. Brickipedia

Brickipedia is by far my favorite site and the one I find myself visiting the most. Like many sites, they have forums for fans to talk about anything and everything LEGO. However, what sets this website above and beyond all the other sites is the vast amount of information they have collected on LEGO products. This Wiki site uses LEGO fans to write, edit and post pictures about all the different LEGO products available in the market. If you want to discover fun facts and information about the different products, this is where you will want to come first. Their goal is “to be the best LEGO reference site out there.” and they have succeeded.

Brickset Logo
Brickset Logo | Source

2. Brickset

Brickset has its own forum for fans to discuss LEGO products and does an amazing job listing the different LEGO sets. It uses a simple layout and only gives the basic information about individual building sets, which makes it easy to navigate and quickly find the information you are looking for. If you want more details about a product, members leave their reviews on particular sets. These reviews are personal opinions, but can be a good source of additional information, to see if you want to buy the set being discussed. What I like most about this site is that it offers an easy way for collectors to keep track of the sets they own or want to own.

LEGO Logo | Source

3. Official LEGO Site

Of course, LEGO’s official website would have to appear on this list. They are the ones who created the toy, that have let our imaginations go wild. The site is jam packed with stuff for LEGO fans. Although, majority of the site is geared toward a younger audience.

The following parts of their website are why it is on my favorite list.

Games: They have dozens of simple games you can play. These games don’t require a lot of skill and can be enjoyed by the young and old. They have them categorized by Action, Strategy, Adventure, Creative and Preschool. Some of these games will seem very familiar. The Man of Steel game is basically pong with Superman and Zod minifigures hitting a round object back and forth.

Create & Share: This section is where LEGO encourages fans to use their “creative genius”. It’s where people share what they have done and find inspiration for what they would like to do.

Shop: It’s the official LEGO website, of course they are going to sell their products. Yes, they have a large selection of building sets to choose from, but so does Amazon, Toys R Us and almost every other major online retail store. It is their Pick A Brick catalogue that makes it the best LEGO Shop around. Pick a Brick is where you can buy individual LEGO bricks. It can be very handy for replacing that small piece you lost. This is an issue most LEGO builders have come across at some point in their lives. You can also purchase the individual pieces you need to complete your own designs.

Brick Instructions Logo
Brick Instructions Logo | Source

4. Brick Instructions

Brick Instructions is exactly what you expect. This simple site has the instructions to many of LEGO’s most popular building sets. The plain layout makes it extremely easy to navigate. They are slowly building their collection of instruction manuals, but the ones available have clear images and do not require downloading anything to your computer or navigating away from the page. This site is a wonderful resource for people who lost the instructions to their sets or want to use the pieces they have to build models they don’t.


These are my favorite sites. Please feel free to share any sites you would recommend in the comment section below. I am always keeping my eye out for fun sites about LEGO to visit.


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    • Geekdom profile image

      Geekdom 2 years ago

      I will have to check out bricklink! Thanks for sharing.

    • ILoveLegosToo profile image

      Tom Fattes 2 years ago from Naperville, IL

      I use the brick instructions site all the time. I've used brickset to track the sets I own. I utilize to sell sets or individual pieces. However, what I find the most useful is utilizing bricklink to look up an individual brick to determine what set it actually belongs to.