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My Top Ten Computer Games Of All Time

Updated on October 21, 2010

OK, i know i'm probably far too old to be playing computer games, but i love them - always have,always will. What follows is my top 10 personal favourite games that i have ever played. Some are old, some are new, all i love. I may amend the list as people suggest other games i may have forgotten, and i'd like to hear your favourites too!


This is a strategy game where you rule a faction in the ancient world. Starting at around 200BC the aim is simple - global domination. Initially you can only choose to be one of three Roman factions, but as you complete the game you unlock the other civilisations so that you can try their campaign too. What i love about this game is the sheer scale. i like watching huge armies run head on at each other,i love using my armoured cavalry to outflank the enemy, i even like the micro management of my settlements to improve the soldiers i can recruit. I dread to think of the hours i have spent playing this, but this is the game i always come back to - for that reason its my number 1.

2 - BATTLEFIELD 2 (pc)

This is the first game i ever played online against other real people. It's a first person shooter type game set in the present day where two armies fight each other to capture enemy 'control points' - the winner is the army that captures all the enemy flags. In single player mode this game is average at best, online however i still think this is the best shooter ever made. I have to confess i played this competitively for a European team for over two years, so i have racked up over 4,000 hours playing time! For the average player the online stat tracking system which allows you to progress in rank up to 4 star general really adds longevity to this game. The competitive scene has now largely gone for this game, but there's still a huge online community playing it on the online servers for fun.

3 - GRAN TURISMO (Playstation 1)

Well, what can i say?. Car racing games don't get any better. When this first came out it was awesome. Great graphics, real cars to tune up,real tracks,and a real sense of speed. All of the sequels since released are also fantastic, but my fondest memories are still from the original.

4 - MARIO KART (Wii)

Im not the biggest Wii fan in the world, but this is game is just such fun. There are technically superior games aplenty, but for all ages this game rocks. Its colourful and simple, the only negative i can think of is that i regularly get beaten by my 6 year old daughter!

5 - Goldeneye (N64)

Remember this? You got the chance to BE James Bond. The single player was good, but it was outstanding playing with and against a group of friends.

6 - Lock On (pc)

Possibly the most in depth combat flight sim ever. This one is only for dedicated flight simmers. Once you (eventually) manage to get through the flight school you take part in various combat missions. It has a HUGE amount of controls to learn, and missions can take hours. I'm still unable to actually land a plane manually without crashing, but hey, it's as close as i'll ever get to the real thing.

7 - Tetris (gamboy)

I first played it on the original Gameboy, i still have it on my desktop at work. It's stupidly addictive - enough said.

8 - Medal of Honor (PS2)

This World War 2 first person shooter is in my list purely because of the beach assault (a la Private Ryan). I think that level is the best piece of game design i have ever played.

9 - Half Life 2 (pc)

Any gamer worth their salt will know and love this game. It was intelligent, had brilliant graphics, and a great story. Another first person shooter where you play the part of a man fighting against a tyrannical regime in a future society. It had perplexing logic puzzles between the frenzied action, and was one of those games where you just had to do one more level before you go to bed, then another, and another.

10 - EVE ONLINE (pc)

This space fight sim is an online only game, which requires a small subscription to play. For your hard earned cash you get a whole universe to explore at will, and an enormous online community to be part of. Still one of the most popular games played online today it's creators still actively support it with new patches and content. But its more than a flight sim, there's a whole virtual economy, different factions you can be part of (or infiltrate), and the graphics are the prettiest you'll ever see. It does take time to learn the ropes, and i felt well out of my depth to start with, but it's 100% worth the effort.

And finally...

here's a few that didn't quite make it onto my list, but may get promoted later on!



Medieval Total War

Abes odyssey

TIE Fighter


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    • jondav profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      i don't so much now, but when i was at my gaming peak i used to spend most evenings doing that - looking back now i can't believe i spent so much time playing games.

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 

      8 years ago from SE MA

      I don't think you are ever too old, but how do you find the time?


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