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MYTHRUNA REVISITED: Mythruna Multiplayer, Mythruna Blueprints and Mythruna Maps

Updated on September 20, 2011

Mythruna is a role crafting game in the same genre as the break out classic, Minecraft. But is not just a Minecraft clone, its a game that is pushing the boundaries Minecraft established, and doing so in ways that are impressive even with the game still in early alpha development. Because Mythruna is in alpha development, it is very much a changing landscape. One plays one test build, comes back a couple months later and finds a whole host of new features. That's what happened to me folks, that's a true story.

What's new in Mythruna? A lot. Day / night cycles, ambient sounds, maps, object creation via the blueprint tool and multiplayer.

Mythruna At Night

Night has come to Mythruna! The sun sets, the stars come out and some screechy undead thing rends the night with its cries. Or at least, that's what I assume it is. There are no mobs yet as far as I'm aware.

Nice ambient sounds. Birds sing, insects chirp and there's no background music (yet, at least) which I prefer. It feels much more organic to wander around on a sunny day with birds singing than it does to wander around with a soft piano tune in the background, as if your elderly aunt were in the game with you.

Maps of Mythruna

Mythruna Blueprint Tool

I pressed tab and came to a wonderful discovery, Mythruna already has a working, meaningful map (something Minecraft still doesn't have a couple months away from release). It also has a character tab, inventory tab and property tab, none of which do anything very useful at the current time. There's a 'blueprints' section too, which brings up an interesting interface I'm not going to pretend to understand. Here's what I worked out: you can use W,A,S,D to rotate the blueprint grid and create objects that can be placed in game later on. That means not having to make objects from scratch every time.

The Mythruna Cafe on Mythruna Multiplayer

There's also multiplayer, which you can access through the Mythruna main menu. Account creation is simple and smooth enough, which I heartily applaud. Once on the main public server, it's almost impossible not to be reminded of Minecraft public servers, with towering towers to nowhere dominating the landscape. Though the server seems not to be overly populated, there are some nice little bits and pieces around the place, like this outdoor picnic area, which really showcases the impressive flexibility of Mythruna. You can make tables and chairs and barbeques and so much more because you're not stuck to a one block = one meter rule as you tend to be in Minecraft. Even the map function works in multiplayer, helping you navigate around the many impressive structures built on the official server.

Start Playing Mythruna Free!


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