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NASA Merchandise - NASA Souvenirs, NASA Gifts, and NASA Collectibles For Sale

Updated on March 14, 2011

NASA is one of the coolest enterprises on the planet. I call it an enterprise not because of what it is, but of what it sets out to do. To explore the unknown, to think outside of the box, to become believers of... whatever is out there.

With the end of space shuttle launches comes the end of an era. This makes it a perfect time to buy NASA souvenirs and other NASA collectibles. Although NASA will move forward with much more advanced technology, it's good to remember where it call came from. I'm sure we can all remember where we were when the moon landing happening - or at least remember where are parents were from the countless stories they've told us.

The point is that before the new era of space travel begins it's a good idea to grab a piece of the old. There are many NASA products to choose from, a variety of NASA memorabilia for both kids and adults a like.

NASA posters? Hubble posters? NASA ties?


NASA Souvenirs

There are many NASA souvenirs one can choose from; the best part about NASA souvenirs is that they are very authentic, which, for NASA collectibles, is a very good thing.  Any NASA souvenir you buy will always remind of you space, astronauts and exploration.

Some of the more popular NASA souvenirs and NASA collectibles are the NASA mission patches.  This one of the best NASA gifts to give because it's so simple - and very affordable - as well as one of the best collectibles.  

The best example of this is the Discovery Mission Patch.  The Discovery mission patch isn't an actual NASA souvenir,but more of a NASA product that can be turned into a souvenir.  The Discovery NASA patch allows you to embed the logo onto any piece of clothing, like a jacket or sweater.  This gives you more freedom which can make a much better gift. 

Other NASA souvenirs include NASA DVD sets and NASA commemorative books and bags.  These are great NASA gifts, that are still authentic but with a little more commercial flare. 


Another great NASA souvenir are NASA toys.  NASA toys are the ultimate NASA collectible because they can transcend generations, allowing them to be shared for years.  This is one of the best ways to remember the old NASA and th old space shuttle - years from now you can give to your kids, who can give it their kids.  It's a nice cycle. 

One of the favorite NASA toys for sale is the NASA space plane and other NASA space shuttle toys.  These are authentic toys: some are models that have to made, while some are toys that are meant to be played with.  Either way they are one of the great NASA collectibles that will last you, and your family, a long time. 

The best selling NASA toy is the Revell Space Shuttle Discovery.  It has a realist details of the space shuttle with things like an opening cargo bay door, movable launch arm, and display stand that acts as a launch pad. 

NASA Posters

Another great piece of NASA memorabilia are NASA posters.  NASA posters range from deep space pictures from Hubble, to just a simple NASA logo or mission patch.  They are a great way to decorate a room (nothing beats a celestial event just a few inches away) and are a very cheap NASA gift. 

The most famous NASA poster is the classic astronaut poster.  It depicts an anstrnaut hovering above our great planet, is body in stark contrast with complex beauty around him, almost as saying 'Well - what next?'.  It's an awesome poster that any NASA - or any space fan in general - should have.

Other NASA posters to buy include a map of the sky poster - which shows all the constellations- as well as a Moon poster. 




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    • profile image 6 years ago

      I found a patch at a junk store, It is in a highly crafter glass faced box and mounted well. How can I tell if it is one from an actual mission or a souvineir? Any difference I could tell the difference?