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NBA 2K14 Tips for Improving Your Letter In Game

Updated on December 15, 2013


In this guide I will teach you some tip that will help you improve your letter grade in game. This will allow you to have more success over time, and to be able to increase the coins you receive, and to give you the best odds of making a better team in the beginning. There are tips that you can use to increase your letter grade, but remember this also focuses on what position your player is to tell the kind of bonus you will get on your letter from the play style you run.

If you enjoy this guide don't forget to comment below and let me know what you think. Also if you have some of your own tips you can share those there as well.

What is the letter grade

The letter grade has been all of the NBA games since My Player was created. With this letter, this tells your overall performance on the court that balances the way you play the game. If you are a ball hog, and make bad shots you will not get a good letter grade, but playing good with your team will allow you to easily raise in the ranks. Each game you will start with a C and the higher you get your letter the more points you get. The overall hopes is to get into the A range, but this comes will not come with ease. You will need to use your player to his best abilities in order to get your letter grade up to this level.

Depending on the type of player you created, or the position you are playing will tell how many points you get towards your letter on each play. For instance, a center who is able to steal the ball is going to get a much higher boost than a point guard. Same with a point guard who blocks a shot will get a higher boost towards their letter than a center who blocks a shot.

Your overall goal is to focus on your strengths, and try not to decrease your letter grade in game. You can easily go from a C to a B, or an A to a C in a matter of 30 seconds on the court if you screw up, or play the game properly. But remember that until the game is over anything can happen.

Tips for helping your letter grade

When you are shooting for a good grade there are a number of tips that you can follow. I will try to discuss these below, keep in mind most of these are common sense, but in game the key is focusing on these goals to achieve a better letter and score more points.

First Point. Don't turnover the ball. This is one of the biggest killers of a letter grade in the NBA game. If you turn the ball over this can take away up to half a letter grade especially if they score on the turnover. While it may be tough preventing a turnover, some players ask for this by making bad passes, bad shots, or holding the ball to long. Trying to get the ball to other players, and making good passes will prevent you from turning the ball over, and significantly improve your letter grade. With that being said it is impossible to play every game without a turn over, so I would say focus on having no more than 1-2 turnover on a game, and your letter will be safe in this category.

Second.. Don't hold the ball to long, or shoot bad passes. This is another aspect that can greatly affect your letter grade by taking small amounts of points off your letter, and also could lead to a turnover. If you are playing as a ball hog, or making bad passes this is going to hurt you in the long run. If you want to be the shooter, or the player that has the ball then set your player up as a point guard, don't use other positions.

Third.. Use your players special boosts to your advantage. I talked about this above, that a point guard will get a higher boost from blocking a shot. Each position has strengths that will give higher boosts, and your should focus on these boosts to help your player. Build up these stats first, and focus on learning to perform these abilities in game, to get that extra boost.

Fourth.. Focus on the things you know will help your player. Obviously an assist is going to help any position significantly. As will making both free throws, and many other essential parts of playing basketball. You should work all of these into your play style to increase your letter grade.

Fifth... Make your time count. This more applies to the newer players in their first seasons, and bench players. If your player is not playing an entire game then you should focus on making every second count. When you do get time, make sure you are doing plays, and playing to significantly increase your grade.


Overall do not focus heavily on your letter grade as this will raise over time. My best advice is to just play the game and have fun. Over time you will get the hang of the game and be able to increase your letter grade significantly. In the beginning just focus on learning the game and having fun, and make sure you know the basics before shooting for an A each game.

As I said above, if you enjoyed the article share your comments below. Also if you have other tips comment above and I may add your tips.


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