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NCAA Football 13 Trophy Guide

Updated on July 16, 2012

1.) Heisman Performance

Congratulations for unlocking all trophies in NCAA Football 13! Unlock the other 36 trophies and you will unlock this trophy.

2.) Pick Up 20

For this you need to carry the ball for at least 20 yards. You'll probably manage this during normal gameplay. If you run into an issue, play an exhibition game with a 6-star team versus someone like the Akron Zips or UMASS. This trophy will unlock as soon as you complete the run successfully.

3.) Go for Broke

Here is another trophy that you will probably earn through normal gameplay. All you have to do is complete a pass for 50+ yards. It doesn't necessarily have to be a deep pass, just needs to be 50 yards. If you run into trouble with this, play an exhibition game as Alabama against the Zips or MTSU. The trophy will unlock as soon as the 50+ yard play is over.

4.) Up the Gut for the Score

For this trophy you have to have your fullback score a touchdown on a triple option play. You hand the ball off to the fullback by pressing 'X' right after the ball is snapped (if you don't hold 'X" the halfback will carry the ball).

Not all teams have the triple option in their playbook, so your favorite team may not have this. You can go around this in two ways: (1)pick a team that is a Run Balanced or Option based offense, or (2) pick your favorite team then pick the offensive playbook of a Run Balanced or Option based offense.

Play a crappy team during an exhibition and you can knock this out within a few possessions. Just get down to about the one yard line then run the triple option.

5.) Keep 'em Honest

For this you have to gain 200 rushing yards and 200 passing yards in the same game. This is the whole team, not just one player, so it's pretty simple to obtain. You'll probably unlock this one during normal gameplay.

If you want to speed this up, play a exhibition game as USC against MTSU. Set the quarters to 15 minutes then sim to the end of the game. You will have easily surpassed the required yardage and unlock the trophy.

6.) Unstoppable

For this you need to win a game by 35+ points on Heisman difficulty. This sounds pretty difficult and time consuming. And it probably is for the average gamer who is trying to do it honestly, especially while utilizing 5 minute quarters. You can do it this way, OR...

play an exhibition game as USC, Alabama, or Oregon against MTSU, Akron, or some other 'D' ranked school. Set the difficulty to Heisman and the quarter length to 15 minutes. Start the game and then sim to the end of the game. Your team should easily win by at least the required 35 points. I have had success with this method every time I've ran it. Your trophy will unlock at the end of the game.

7.) Best Class Ever

Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a season in single team Dynasty Mode. You can do two things that will make this easier: #1 select a prestigious school and #2 turn the recruiting difficulty to Freshman.

My strategy is to find all the 4 and 5-star recruits that have my school in their top 5 interests. A school such as USC or Alabama will generally have 15+ players fitting this criteria. I also search for every other player that has my school as their top interest, no matter their star rating. I add all of these to my recruiting board. I generally spend the first week offering scholarships and asking very few questions. Offering scholarships right off the bat provides the opportunity for the player to join your team early so you can concentrate on other players.

The next week(s) I will concentrate on solely on the top 10-15 players on my board, ideally asking every available question and waiting to pitch until week 3 or 4. If I notice a player I'm actively recruiting starts loosing interest, I generally cut my losses and start spending the resources on the next guy on the list.

Be sure to schedule visits with the recruits when they become available. Also try to have asked enough questions that you know what the recruit's top three interests are.

Keep this procedure up throughout the season and during the spring recruiting time. Playing as USC or Alabama will help your recruiting tremendously.

8.) High School Champ

For this trophy you must play and win the High School Championship Game in any state. Start Road to Glory and create a player. I recommend an Options QB because it gives you the speed to scramble as well as pass. You can sim through the regular season and most likely make the playoffs. You have to win 3 post season games before the championship game. You MUST win those three games to make it to the championship. Lastly, win the championship game and the trophy wil unlock.

9.) Future Star

Become a 5-star prospect in Road to Glory mode. This is pretty simple. Create a player in RTGagain, a QB is the easiest method. I played the first three games in the regular season to reach the 5 star level, simulated the rest of the regular season, then played through the playoffs. Once you are a 5-star recruit you will stay that way. This trophy will not unlock until signing day, so you will need to sim to that point.

10.) Put Your Helmet On

Become a starter in Road to Glory Mode. At the end of your High School career you can select your college. You can choose a school where you will be first string right off the bat and unlock this trophy. Or you can select a school where you are second string and earn you way to starter and unlock this. If you run the practice rounds you will be a starter in week 2.

11.) And the Winner Is...

Unlock this trophy by winning the Heisman Memorial Trophy. This can be accomplished in a single team Dynasty, Road to Glory, or the Heisman Challenge Mode. The easiest way to do this is play through the Heisman Challenge Mode. If you play every game you should easily win the Heisman and the end of Conference Championship week. I used Barry Sanders to obtain this.

12.) Take What's Mine

Win a position battle in RTG. After your high school career, select a team that has you as a second string player. Practice (well) during the first week, and during the second week's practice you should be able to battle for the next slot. Pretty easy to do. I started as 2nd string QB for the Tennessee Volunteers.

13.) Earn My Trust

Reach the max coach trust in RTG. This is fairly easy to do. You can gain coach points during practice and during games. After becoming a starter, you will need to accumulate 1,000 points a week to advance to the next level of trust. (You can only advance one level a week). It will take you about 10 weeks to max out the coach's trust.

If you are in a hurry, you can just practice every week until you reach 1,000 points, then sim to the next week. If you don't earn enough points during the practice session, you can play in the game long enough to reach the 1,000 mark then sim to the end of the game.

14.) Hometown Hero

Lead your alma mater to a National Championship as a head coach in Dynasty (Coach Contracts On). There's two methods that I know of to do this. The first is to create a coach. List his alma mater as whatever school you intend to play dynasty with, then win the championship. The second option, if you're really bent on using an existing coach, is to edit the coach of your school and change his alma mater to the school he is currently coaching. Either method will work. I used a created coach with the Tennessee Volunteers for this trophy.

15.) Let's do it again

As a head coach in Dynasty, sign an extension to stay at the same school (Coach Contracts on). This can take between 1-3 seasons. When you start Dynasty you will be signed to a 3-year contract. If you play decently throughout the first three seasons you will be offered an extension, simply hit 'X' to accept the contract and the trophy will unlock. OR, you can win the National Championship during your first season and the school will offer you an extension.

16.) Dream Job

Become the head coach of your alma mater in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on). This is real easy to do. Start dynasty, while creating your coach select his alma mater as whatever school you intend to play with. As soon as you sign with that school this trophy will unlock.

17.) Dual Threat Coach

Win the BCS Championship and have the #1 recruiting class in a single season as head coach in Dynasty. This one can be tricky, as it has a few moving parts that aren't necessarily in your direct control. To make this easier on you, set both the game difficulty and recruiting difficulty to Freshman. It will also help tremendously if you choose a prestigious school such as USC, Alabama, or Oregon (but this step is not a must).

I've heard some folks have successfully simulated through their season and managed to unlock this. I attempted this once with USC and it didn't work too well. I did manage to unlock this by playing through a season and manually recruiting with the Tennessee Volunteers (which is proof that the school doesn't have to be prestigious to accomplish this).

18.) Living Legend

Reach a coach prestige of A+ with a created coach in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on). Basically if you win a National Championship with your created coach at any school, this will kick you up to the A+ level. If you want to kill two birds (or trophies) with one stone you can take UMASS, UTSA, or Texas State to the National Championship and win to unlock this trophy as well as trophy #34) Welcome to the Club.

19.) My Two Cents

In Online Dynasty, write a comment on a Dynasty Wire story. This trophy is simply a ploy by EA Sports to get you to either use the online access code that comes with new games, or purchase a new code if you purchased a used game. Pretty quick trophy to obtain though.

20.) Tire Fire Offense

Win a game without scoring an offensive touchdown and gaining less than 200 yards (excludes Co-op). This is a quick and easy trophy. Start an exhibition game as a good team and play against a crappy team. Set difficulty to freshman and the quarter lengths to 1 minute. Only kick field goals and keep the other team from scoring (unless you intend on hitting at least 3 field goals). I used the UT Vols against MTSU.

21.) Highlight of the Year

Upload a photo or video to

22.) Look at the Game Tape!

Unlock 5 attributes on a single scouting session. While in Dynasty under your recruiting board, look for a player that has a white dot by his name. This indicates that you can scout him. Make sure have not scouted him yet. Spend 40 minutes scouting him and you will unlock five attributes.

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23-32.) I Am...

  • 23.) I Am Barry Sanders - Win the Heisman with Barry Sanders
  • 24.) I Am Eddie George - Win the Heisman with Eddie George
  • 25.) I Am Marcus Allen - Win the Heisman with Marcus Allen
  • 26.) I Am Desmond Howard - Win the Heisman with Desmond Howard
  • 27.) I Am RG III - Win the Heisman with Robert Griffin III
  • 28.) I Am Andre Ward - Win the Heisman with Andre Ward
  • 29.) I Am Doug Flutie - Win the Heisman with Doug Flutie
  • 30.) I Am Herschel Walker - Win the Heisman with Herschel Walker
  • 31.) I Am Charlie Ward - Win the Heisman with Charlie Ward
  • 32.) I Am Carson Palmer - Win the Heisman with Carson Palmer

For these trophies you will need to win the Heisman with each of these players in the Heisman Challenge Mode. I successfully won the Heisman trophy with each player on the first try. It appears that all you really have to do is surpass each player's stats during their respective winning year to unlock this.

This can be a time consuming task to play with each player. The running backs seemed to be the easiest players to win the Heisman with. I attempted to just sim through the seasons with a few of the players in an attempt to win the Heisman, but with no luck. In three attempts I finished no better than second in the voting. If you can manage to surpass all of your players stats before 12 games, you can sim the rest of the season and most likely win the Heisman. You will want to turn off auto-save to attempt this, just to be on the safe side.

33.) Read and React

Intercept a pass while using Reaction Time. This trophy is not that hard, yet it is my least favorite because it requires patience. You can only unlock this trophy in Road to Glory. I used a cornerback, but you could probably be just as successful with a Safety or Linebacker.

The good news is that the computer will control your player throughout the play, keeping you in the proper position. The next part is up to you. When the ball is being thrown to the receiver you are covering, you will need to wait for the ball to get close, press 'L2' to activate Reaction Time, then press 'Triangle' to intercept the ball. Chances are that you will not intercept the ball on the first play, and you may not even get an interception during the first few games, which is what makes this my least favorite trophy. As soon as you intercept the ball, the trophy will unlock. You can exit the game afterwards.

34.) Welcome to the Club

Win the National Championship in year 1 of Dynasty with either UMASS, UTSA, or Texas State. All three of these teams are newbies to Division I football, which loosely translates into they aren't very competitive at football. After starting your Dynasty and selecting one of these teams (I used Texas State) you will need to modify your schedule any way you can to reach a schedule strength of at least an 'A', playing as many top 10 teams as possible.

You are going to have to win EVERY game to even have a shot. You need to win BIG as well. The more you embarrass your opponent, the more likely you are going to be noticed and eventually ranked. Consider setting the difficulty to Freshman so you can run the score up real high.

*If this is your first Dynasty, be sure to select your created coach's Alma Mater as whatever school you are going to tackle this trophy with to also unlock the #16 trophy 'Dream Job'.

35.) Don't Run Home to Mama

In Dynasty, convince a homesick player to stay at your school instead of transferring. At the end of the season, you will have at least one player (usually a back-up of some sort) that wants to transfer. Spend 60 minutes talking to him and you will most likely convince him to stay.

36.) No Regrets

Convince a player to stay for their senior year using only one promise to get their degree. The description states it all. If you win the championship, you will undoubtedly have a few Juniors wanting to go pro. You only get one shot to get this right, so cross your fingers and hope that one of the players take the bait.

37.) Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything

Earn a Minimum of 75 recruiting points on a Prospect Choice topic. In Dynasty, under recruiting, pick a player you haven't spoken to yet. The first option on that screen will be called Player's Choice. Click it. If your lucky, you will clear 75+ right off the bat on the first player you choose. It took me two players to reach the goal. Easy trophy however.

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