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NHL 13 New features and how they help you

Updated on September 14, 2012


So this guide is going to talk to you about the new features that are on NHL 13. I will talk about these features, and how they will help you play the game.

Before I go any further PLEASE feel free to comment, ask question, or chat down below. Also if you like what you see and want to know the latest news, or guides on how to play the following games, Black ops 2, halo 4, NHL 13, FIFA 13, Madden 13, then check out my other guides, or follow me on Twitter, or @johnrr631992. Thanks...

New Features.

First off MOST IMPORTANTLY.. The Physics. The physics in NHL 13 have been completely redone, and in this many things have changed. First off the skating styles. In previous NHL games the skating style was pretty generic throughout all the characters with some differences with the stars. BUT in NHL 13 the players are based off of the ways they skate on the ice, and not with a generic pattern. EA Sports has added 1000+ new skating styles, and really revolutionized the way the game operates. With that being said, another physics change that you will notice is that of the momentum, and skating. They tried to make the game more realistic, by making momentum, and the physical portion of the characters MUCH more realistic in many aspects.

The next aspect that EA Sports has changed is the CPU IQ. The computer players that have bee fairly useless in past games got a whole new makeover. In that you will see smarter players, able to prevent goals better, and form plays better, and overall just be in a better position when they should be. Not just aimlessly doing random things that could make you angry. BUT that seems to have supposedly changed in this game, but let me know whta you think below in the comments of this supposed upgrade.

Player skill. In Madden 12 skill was based on not how a player was in their position but how the player was compared to the overall league. This caused problems as a 89 forward could be an awful forward but because he was a forward he got a boost. This has been revamped as that depending on what position the player is, they are based solely on their skill in that position, and that they will get ranked based on how they play in that position, but players that play certain position will not get an automatic boost as in previous games.

So those are the MAJOR new updates. While most sports game usually keep the updates small, NHL 13 has reworked the physics engine, which EA Sports has been doing with all their sports games this year. It seems the complaints have finally come through, and all of the bickering about nothing new has paid off. EA Sports is moving into the future by updating the game one piece at a time, and will continue to do this over time. I think what they have done so far is pretty good on the game, and I am excited to see what will come next. Once again please feel free to ask questions, or comment below and I will respond back.


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