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Nandonalt's Dairy Minecraft Mod | Butter, Cheese and Pies

Updated on February 21, 2011
Nandonalt's pies! Get 'em while they're hot!
Nandonalt's pies! Get 'em while they're hot!

Cows have been lurching around the Minecraft world for months now, not contributing very much besides the occasional bit of leather and useless buckets of milk that could be used for approximately nothing. But milk is useless no more with the Dairy Mod, which allows you to churn your own butter, make cheese and create bowls of milk

Included in this mod is a butter churn, which turns milk into butter through the magic of churning. All you need are seven wood planks and two sticks of wood. Nandonalt recommends sticking a fence on top of it to create something that looks more churny.

Once you have butter, you have unleashed the power of buttery creations. Butter by itself will heal you for one heart, but in combination with other ingredients it will do a whole lot more.

There's also a cheese maker, which takes its own sweet time to create cheese from your milk. Put your milk in your cheese maker, wander off for a while and come back when it is ready. How do yo know when it's ready? The milk you've added, which will be white, slowly changes color from white to tan to a deep cheesy yellow. Cheese heals you for a whopping 1.5 cheese hearts.

The Future of Dairy Products

Once you have your butter and your cheese, it's time to incorporate them into tasty tasty recipes. Nandonalt has made mods for the following cooking adventures, you can download them separately:

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs make eggs happy. Well maybe not the eggs happy, but they make me think about scrambled eggs and make me happy. Once you have butter, (which you totally will once you install the Dairy Mod). Two eggs, one stick of butter and a bowl results in unmixed scrambled eggs. Toss that bowl into a furnace

Cheese Burgers

Use your cheese in conjunction with bread to create tasty tasty cheese burgers. Toss some cheese and bread together with a cooked slice of pork and viola, got yourself a cheese burger!


You don't need the dairy mod to make pies, but I will mention this anyway because I like it and because it fits the theme. All you need is a pie pan (made of three pieces of smoothstone) some milk, wheat and eggs. You probably have the ingredients in your minecraft pantry already.

Making pies is something of an art. For starters you create the pan with the smooth stone and then you place some dough in your pan. Dough is made previously with two pieces of wheat, eggs and a bucket of milk. You'll need two pieces of dough, once you have the dough in the pie tin you toss your filling in the center (pumpkin, apple or pork chop). You now have raw pie. Pop that sucker in a furnace to bake your pie!

Download These Mods! Download them!


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