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Need for Speed Payback: Preview

Updated on October 11, 2017
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Cameron Eittreim has been a licensed Bail Bondsmen for five years, and he is the author of American Bondsmen ISBN: 978-1-365-49244-0

The Need for Speed Franchise is better than Ever

The early decade was dominated by many popular trends which influenced both movies and video games alike, and one of these popular trends was the customization of vehicles with the intent of street racing. The Fast and Furious franchise of movies changed the entire way that many people viewed cars, and it influenced a whole new generation of drivers who became passionate about these vehicles. For the video game world this translated into one of the bestselling franchises in history, and that is the Need for Speed franchise. The Need for Speed Franchise single handily brought the tuner scene into a video game, and with it brought a legion of loyal fans into the Need for Speed franchise.

Payback takes it back to Basics:

Need for Speed Payback takes things all the way back to the underground days, focusing on automobile customization and a wide open city to explore. The game is based around the fictional Fortune Valley, which is basically a version of Las Vegas. The Fortune Valley is immensely beautiful and spread out, taking full advantage of the high definition graphics that today’s video game consoles feature. What’s even more is the sheer variety of different gameplay options that you can take part in, from drag racing to rally racing in the dirt. Need for Speed Payback looks to immerse gamers in a full world of automobile customization and racing, leaving you coming back for more over and over again.

One of the more unique features in payback is the ability to find wrecked or abandoned vehicles, tow them to your shop, and restore them. Driving around the Fortune Valley you will come across many abandoned vehicles, in which the game gives you the option to take them back to your garage. This kind of unique gameplay has never before been seen on a racing game, and what it does is add a level of uniqueness that will appeal to any car lover who dreams about restoring their ideal vehicle. This is just one of the realistic features that make Payback quite possibly the best Need for Speed title yet.

The soundtrack is also along the lines of a traditional Need for Speed soundtrack, with lots of hip hop and rock music infused to make an adrenalin filled soundtrack. This is definitely the type of soundtrack that you can see yourself street racing too, and one of the most influential parts of the Need for Speed franchise was always the music that was featured on the game. Need for Speed plays out like a movie, and Payback is the latest exciting rendition of this. Payback combines beautiful graphics, a stellar sound track, and some of the most unique car customization that you can do all in one package.

Need for Speed Payback will also have online gameplay as always, meaning that you will indeed be able to challenge players from all around the world with your newly crafted car. There are of course various different race options such as a drag race, drifting, or track depending on what your mood is. As far as I am concerned the drag racing is the most exciting, because the characteristics are amazingly life like while driving the vehicles.

From Cop Chases to Crashes:

Payback takes the series in a very intense new direction, which is great because after almost two decades the Need for Speed franchise was beginning to seem a bit dated. The cop chases have gotten much more intense, due to the games new and improved AI. The police will chase you down anytime that you are caught racing or speeding, and they are much more intelligent than in previous titles. You will need to use your brain while trying to evade the police, while also avoiding to crash as the game also has a much more improved crash system as well. Need for Speed Payback immerses players in the world of illegal underground street racing, and this means exposing players to ever aspect including the police interactions.

Need for Speed Payback builds a solid foundation on the street racing heritage that the series was built upon. With the beautiful new graphics and intensive game play this entry into the Need for Speed franchise is a definite keeper. Need for Speed Payback is the kind of title that will bring long term need for speed fans back around and in love with the franchise again, and with all of the addictive features who can blame us for absolutely loving this game.


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