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Neo Dragonoid & Neo Dragonoid Vortex Bakugan Toy

Updated on January 5, 2014
Translucent Pyrus Neo Dragonoid
Translucent Pyrus Neo Dragonoid

Neo Dragonoid & Neo Drago Vortex

Neo Dragonoid is a bakugan battle brawler with a simple structure, while Neo Dragonoid Vortex is a spinning version of it. It has many wings that allow it to achieve victory in aerial combat. Although not very popular, they are sometimes still found in stores, and there are many being sold on eBay. There is also a rare Deka version that has been released. Vortex Drago can spin quite violently when opened on a gate card.

So far, I think they can only be found in red, yet regular Neo Drago can be found in many different colors. The G-power can be ranging from 640 to 760. Basically, Aquos and Darkus has 640, Pyrus can be either 650 or 760. Neo Dragonoid Vortex also has it’s own ability card called “Neo Dragonoid Vortex”. It gives you 50G’s for each Dragonoid you have on the field. When placed on a gate card or a metal item, it spins for a few seconds. Only the top part of the body does this though, the base stays attached to the magnet.

One Neo Drago In Show, Two Bakugan Toys

Drago became Neo Dragonoid Vortex in Bakugan New Vestroia when the six legendary soldiers extracted him from the Perfect Core. Neo Dragonoid is seen in the first episodes of New Vestroia. It is actually “weaker” than Delta Dragonoid, because the perfect core was taken away from him, and the G-power in the show was low. However, he changed his form dramatically, and now looks like a newer and stronger version of the original Dragonoid. Generally, Neo Dragonoid can not be qualified as an evolution of Drago, even it is sold as a separate Dragonoid bakugan. In ball form, it looks very different from Dragonoid. He has a square shaped head, horns, two small wings, and a pair of small fin-like wings coming out from the bottom. He also has feet, and two hands that sit on the bottom half of the body. He can come in almost all attributes: Darkus, Pyrus, Sub-terra, Haos, and Aquos, Ventus is the only attribute missing so far and may never be made available since it's been existing for quite a while now. There are also translucent types and a rare Bronze Attack Neo Dragonoid (Bronze attack combines gold and black). Neo Dragonoid can spin in the show, so it is actually Neo Dragonoid Vortex, but that is sold as a separate bakugan that looks exactly the same as Neo Drago, but only spins.

BakuMorph Neo Dragonoid

BakuMorph Neo Dragonoid
BakuMorph Neo Dragonoid


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