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Neon Blitz - New Puzzle Game For Android

Updated on September 26, 2012

Neon Blitz is a new puzzle game that dazzles your eyeballs with bright-glowing neon signs that you light up by tracing your finger against a one-minute clock. The games mechanics are simple and fun but precision is what will produce the highest score as the illuminated signs become more and more difficult to trace when you blitz quickly through each one.

The first few levels are easy and usually on the sixth and seventh level, the signs become tinier and harder to trace. The idea is to trace the neon light that has bonus items on them such as time reverse arrows, clock stoppers, and multipliers.

After I blitzed through my first neon sign which took me 3 seconds, the next sign popped up and I got more excited as I progressed through the game. The computerized helper informs you of the 30 and 10 second warning.

The music is great, along with the addicting, non-stop tracing, gameplay and the user interface is a rainbow of colors, literally. Fire up the app and see it to believe it.

Neon fun for everyone is what the app world is buzzing about and this app has been awarded “one of the 5 free apps” for Android.

Trace ice cream cones, hearts, stars, flamingoes, chess pieces, and more and watch your phone screen burst into color like fireworks.


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