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Neon Catcher Free Casual Online Game

Updated on December 7, 2010
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Based on the screenshot alone, you may not have a lot of hope for this game, but I say unto you, have hope, for this addictive little casual game may very well have the power to depose your beloved Bejeweled for a time. Yes, Bejeweled. I said it. With Neon Catcher, there is a chance that you will break those brightly colored shackles for a few moments and learn what it is to play other games.

Described as 'an addictive one button game', the description for Neon Catcher really may as well say 'abandon hope all ye who enter here' or words to that effect, because once you feel the heady rush of trapping two brightly colored Brownian particles in your shiny ring, well, you'll never be the same.

Like many popular games, Neon Catcher is based on the fact that humans love to impose order on their world and collect things. It's also based on the idea that we like the pretty brightly colored shinies. Shinies!

The game begins with pink and green balls flying around the screen, largely minding their own business. Your job as the player of the game is to try to catch the brief moment in time where two or more particles of the same color are caught on your ring and click to trap them. In trapping the particles, you gain points, and possibly a greater sense of self esteem and self worth, though I can't promise the last two.

The only saving grace of the game, and perhaps also its downfall, is that it is somewhat difficult to succeed at. Not because you're not good at games, because you so definitely are, but because the particles are quite dense and move at a decent speed and quite often one with the wrong color will come along and ruin your best laid plans.

This is not a particularly deep game, nor is it a game that will get you amped up about it to the point that you'll abandon everything you've ever known and become a hobo, tramping the great grassy highways and byways of the world in order to meet other people who play the game and battle them for honor. (Unlike in certain game worlds – Pokemon, I'm looking at you, there are relatively few games in real life that inspire people to go wandering about the place looking for opponents, so that shouldn't be taken as too much of an indictment on the game.)

If you simply want a casual game to mellow out with for a few moments whilst you wait for the kids to stop screaming or the doctor to finally see you, then Neon Catcher may just be the game that fills that special game sized hole you have in your life.


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