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Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster Review: Longshot Killer?

Updated on September 24, 2010

If the idea of firing long-range shots at unsuspecting ‘enemies’ is appealing, the Longstrike is the gun to consider grabbing. It is modeled after a sniper rifle, making it the longest gun in the Nerf line-up (by a nose). The overall design along with the added accuracy due to the flip-up sight makes it perfect for pint-sized snipers (or comically malicious adults). Just be sure to find a good hiding place.

Most Nerf guns look like colourful versions of something out of Halo 3. The Longstrike has a much more realistic appearance which is appreciated by purists. Overlooking the blue and orange colour-scheme it looks much like a real sniper rifle with some fantasy elements thrown in. The small detachable flip-up sight is unfortunately a step down from the scope included with the Longshot. It doesn’t do much to help you aim at a target.

The Longstrike has a good feel to it, giving the impression that it is a well-constructed blaster. There is a generous amount of space to add optional components as there are three tactical rails. As with other N-Strike guns that have come out recently, the Longstrike is compatible with the removable parts found in other N-Strike guns. A maximum of 18 darts can be loaded into the included clip. At the back of the stock you have the option of storing two extra clips. This cuts down the time it takes to reload in the heat of battle.

Longshot (top) and Longstrike (bottom).
Longshot (top) and Longstrike (bottom).

Like the Longshot CS-6 that came before it, the Longstrike boasts the ability to fire foam darts up to 35 feet. There is some controversy around whether the Longstrike is better, both in terms of accuracy and range. It comes down to personal preference and how the guns are set up. Instead of using a direct plunger system like the Longshot, Nerf has went with a reverse plunger system as found in the Raider and Deploy. With the barrel attachment removed the Longstrike fires a greater distance, in a way defeating the purpose of buying a long gun.

Nerf addicts have noted that a few modifications can improve the range of this gun by up to 10-12 feet. The biggest gains are made by removing the air restrictor. Upgrading the spring will carry shots a bit further on top of that.

While the Longshot and Longstrike fill a similar niche, the shape and feel couldn’t be more different. The Longshot is 23 inches long and is more substantial at 5.2 pounds. In contrast the Longstrike is 24 inches long weighs in at a mere 3.6 pounds. Nerf’s hype behind the length of the Longstrike is a wee bit absurd when you consider it is only one inch longer than the Longshot. Since Nerf doesn’t claim it fires any longer, it seems the length was the only benefit worth trumpeting.

Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster Review Verdict

Nerf’s Longstrike CS-6 is a good overall gun that misrepresents itself. Since it performs better with the barrel attachment removed, the length is more about feel than functionality. The range of this gun is ultimately a disappointment out of the box.

It’s hard to recommend it over the Longshot as both guns have different pros and cons. The Longstrike isn’t the successor to the Longshot it aims to be. The Longshot has a bulky feel which may decrease accuracy; however it also has the potential to shoot further and ultimately that is what you really crave from a sniper rifle.


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    • profile image

      angah102 6 years ago

      help, i have enough money to buy a nerf and i always wanted to buy a sniper nerf but i dont know which i should buy. I would want the one with better aiming. Please help me.

    • profile image

      NERF expert 6 years ago

      The Longstrike is better if you want a realistic looking gun with a long barrel and it is light, enabling you to move quicker, which is what a sniper needs.

      The Longshot is better if you want a gun with a proper scope, instead of the flip-up sight the Longstrike is equipped with. This nakes it heavy, however, which could spell death and defeat for a sniper, so all in all, the Longstrike is best suited to most, i repeat most, NERF snipers. I rest my case. Discuss.

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      Its my b-day in 8 days and im gettting a nerf sniper but which one should i go for?

    • profile image

      Unknown 6 years ago

      I think they are both very close. But i think the longstrike is just a bit better. Its lighter, more accurate, and looks alot cooler, but doesn't shoot as far. The longshot is heavyer, not as accurate but it shoots alot further. The longshot has two guns in one, where as the longstrike only has one. When modded the longshot main gun can shoot up to 100ft, and the front gun up to 50ft. Hope this helps.

    • profile image

      cj 6 years ago

      the long strike is much better than the long shot

      much lighter so you are quicker on the move and it is far more accurate. although the long shot scope is more cool, it is really just a plastic tube. there is no magnification. on the other hand, the longstrike flip up sight is great! the long strike also holds more ammo