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Nerf's Lazertag System 2 Pack

Updated on March 17, 2011

Lazertag System 2pk Product Overview

The modern version of the classic game of tag. "Tag" your opponent with your own lazer before they tag you. Feel the recoil when you shoot, and the rumble when you are hit, with two taggers that draw you into the game with lights, vibrations, and sounds of simulated lazer combat.

Products ship with two taggers, a defensive shield, rumble pack, and instructions. Batteries are not included and must be purchased seperately.

Pros of the Nerf Lazertag System

Build quality-The build quality is outstanding. Lazertag is a rough and tumble game and Nerf obviously kept that in mind when designing these toys. On par with those you would find at a profesional faciliity at a fraction of the cost.

Fun-For kids of all ages these are simply fun to play. An active online community exists so you will have no problem finding others to play with in groups of up to 24.

Nerf Lazertag Cons

Brightness-You may find the LED a little too bright. At night this could pose a problem along with revealing your location. A remedy you could use is to cover them with a piece of scotch tape and blacken it in with a marker.

Battery use-These units use six AA batteries each. That is a total of twelve batteries for the pair. Replacing so many batteries can get expensive so I recommend purchase some rechargeable batteries to save money.


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