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Call of Duty: Black Ops "Shangri-La" Zombies Map Details

Updated on July 29, 2017
"The Paradise" courtesy of the Annihilation Map Pack Reveal trailer.
"The Paradise" courtesy of the Annihilation Map Pack Reveal trailer. | Source

New Zombies, New Weapons, and Old Friends

When Call of Duty: Black Ops' "Annihilation" map pack releases on June 28th, exclusively to the Microsoft Xbox 360, players addicted to the fan-favorite zombies mode are going to be up to their guts in new surprises, new weapons, and new zombies, in what will be the official 10th zombies mode map, "Shangri-La"!

What will fans be getting into when they tap into the supreme paradise of zombies "Shangri-La", besides a whole lot of trouble? Apparently according to what can be discovered in the reveal trailer for the 3rd map pack to come to the best selling game of 2010, "Call of Duty: Black Ops", a few of our old favorite features, as well as a butt-load of new surprises!

So what exactly is the low-down of the living dead? Let's take a look at what can be discovered by watching the Treyarch's official reveal trailer of the "Annihilation" map pack! What you can see will surprise you and keep you wondering!

The Official Trailer For "Shangri-la" Zombies!

The Return Of Old Friends!

Once again, our old friends, Nicholai, Dempsey, Richtoffen and Takeo, take to the zombie slaughtering hi-jinx in the new zombies map. Apparently they finally have made their way to the Paradise" they all mentioned in "Call of the Dead's" major Ensemble Cast Easter Egg. The sheer mention of this "Paradise" could very well have been its own Easter Egg and a hint at the "Shangri-La" map!

Many fans, including myself, have been waiting for their return ever since their last appearance in the zombies map "Kino Der Toten". I will have to admit that an all Hollywood cast was pretty exciting in the George Romero inspired map "Call of the Dead", but having control over the old cast will bring back the nostalgia of days of yore!

Apparently a New Creature is featured in this screenshot from the Annihilation Map Pack reveal trailer. Or is it the Cosmic Silverback?
Apparently a New Creature is featured in this screenshot from the Annihilation Map Pack reveal trailer. Or is it the Cosmic Silverback? | Source

New Creature Or The Return of The Cosmic Silverback?

Taking a closer look at some screenshots from the "Annihilation" Map Pack, you may notice a peculiar creature that sort of resembles the fan-favorite round boss from the map "Ascension".

The creature in question could be the deadly Cosmic Silverbacks (or Space Monkeys) that made their debut in "Ascension" and were not featured at all in the star-studded map "Call of the Dead".

Running through the map into a small cave, you can see this mystery creature galloping around with a flashing Power-Up above him that changes from Carpenter to Double Points. So are the deadly monkeys going to make their return in zombies "Shangri-La", or is it some sort zombie hybrid monkey created when the Cosmic Silverback crashed into the paradise and mated with the native primate population? I guess we will have to wait to find out more!

Who is this fiery dead guy, as seen in the reveal trailer for the "Annihilation" map pack?
Who is this fiery dead guy, as seen in the reveal trailer for the "Annihilation" map pack? | Source

A New and Fiery Round Boss?

Who---or what, exactly, is this mystery man walking out of the darkness in the new reveal trailer anyway? Burning like Hell's eternal fire, this sinister looking fire zombie has created quite the buzz, but will his appearance in the new "Shangri-La" Zombies map be a buzz---or a bust?

Many fans complained at the annoyance of a constant Boss presence of Zombie George Romero in the last map "Call of the Dead", much like a worker would about an over the shoulder supervisor at their workplace. So will it actually be the new round boss, or a constant presence like George Romero? Another question could be asked as well with that one---will there be a reward for killing this thing like the Death Machine awarded for killing Zombie George?

What Else Could There Possibly Be?

This cannot be all---could it? Of course, that is not all to the new zombies experience of "Shangri-La" and rarely ever can you find all the surprises that Treyarch has up their sleeves, merely in the reveal trailers. You must search the game and play it for yourselves!

You can expect some new weapons as always and hopefully the return of the PPSH, but nobody is still holding their breath on that one. If they are, it could possibly have been fatal after all of this time! We can hope for the best on this one and maybe even the return of the Gersch Device (commonly referred to as the Black Hole Bomb).

You will also notice the new method of slowing down the zombies, (as in traps galore) and also the return of the slide, as seen in zombies "Call of the Dead".

Take a look at the full reveal trailer in the capsule in this hub and try to discover what secrets lie within. Who knows exactly what you will find? It just may be, the clues to the next Mega Easter Egg of Insanity!

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