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New Star Wars Lego Set For October 2012 - B-Wing Starfighter

Updated on October 9, 2012

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the impressive new Lego Star Wars set to be released in October. This new set is going to be a B-Wing Starfighter and we are going to take a close look at this new Lego set and also find out the release date, price and where you can get your hands on this fantastic new Star Wars Lego set. If you are a serious fan of this theme then this is certainly one that you will be interested in.

Lego Star Wars has for a long time been one of the best selling and most popular themes that the company has produced. Fans of the theme have been buying these sets for many years and the company seem to love churning out more sets year on year. In 2012 we have already seen lots of new ones hitting the shops and the theme has become even more popular. Most fans assumed that the wave that came out in June would be the final lot for a while, but Lego have now released one last set for 2012 and it looks like being the most impressive of the lot.

Lego Star Wars B-Wing Starfighter

New Star Wars Lego Set The B-Wing Starfighter

So as we said Lego are going to be releasing one more new set in October 2012. This will be from the Star Wars Ultimate Collectors theme. If you are thinking that this is the same as the previous B-Wing then don't panic, it's not the same it's a completely new build. The size and level of detail that comes with this are quite remarkable and fans of the theme will no doubt be very impressed. The release date is set for the start of October so you should be able to get hold of the B-Wing around that time. The price could be quite high, we are probably looking at somewhere around the $200 mark, so really one for the serious collectors. So let’s take a closer look at it.

The set compromises of a huge 1486 pieces and will come with the item number 10227. This set is designed for older fans and it’s important to remember that this one is all about the build, don’t expect exciting new minifigures or firing missiles or anything like that. This is designed to be a model you build and then display. This is emphasised by the fact that it actually comes with it’s very own display stand that you can clip the model to.

The scale of this really becomes apparent when you realise it measure 66cm across! So it really is very big and quite heavy when you put it all together. Despite the fact that it’s really meant to be displayed, there are a surprising amount of moving parts incorporated into the build. The cockpit rotates and will level up, the two large wings fold in for landing and there are a few other bits that fold up. This one does feature lots of cannons on the wings and also lots of little guns which are a nice detail. You also get a little display plaque with the key features included. Not really a model aimed at children this is one that will really suit die hard Star Wars fans.

The Cockpit

Other New Releases For 2012

Lego have had a very busy year. Early in the year we were given new sets such as the Tie Fighter, X-Wing Starfighter, Geonosian Cannon, Droid Escape and the new Y-Wing. These all went down very well with fans of the theme. In May they released another set from the ultimate collectors series, this was of course R2-D2 which came with a mind blowing 2127 bricks. This set was very popular with series collectors and the detail was hugely impressive.

Over the summer months Lego released their second wave of new Star Wars sets and these included ones such as Jabba’s Palace, the brilliant new Malevolence which was the largest of the new summer ones, a Gungan Sub, Desert Skiff and a JedI Starfighter. All these were really well received and have been great additions to the theme. There have also been a few smaller sets issued throughout the year.

At the moment there is no word on any more releases for 2012, although we may yet see some new ones in time for Christmas. At the moment there are so many popular Lego themes out there, for instance the Super Hero theme has become huge this year, Ninjago which is in it’s final year has been massive once again and the really big new theme was the Lord Of The Rings. Later in 2012 Hobbit Lego will be hitting our shops as well, so there really is plenty to look forward to. Although you may assume Lego has already brought out all the best sets for Star Wars they do still seem to have plenty up their sleeve, the licence for producing Star Wars sets is going to run for a good few more years yet so chances are we are going to see plenty more sets coming out in the future.


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    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 5 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      This is Very Interesting!! I love Star Wars and Lego products--unfortunately, I am not that good at putting them together. But I am pretty good at the Lego Star Wars