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Typical New Zealand Souvenirs and Gifts from New Zealand

Updated on July 11, 2011

Looking for New Zealand souvenirs? Sweet as!

New Zealand, or "Aotearoa" as the native Maori population calls it, is known for its beautiful nature with spectacular backdrops, mountains, rivers and green valleys. Many film crews have travelled all the way to this island to shoot amazing scenes, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you want a New Zealand souvenir then here are some great ideas of what to buy.

These items also make a nice gift from New Zealand. If you have travelled so far to get to New Zealand, why not bring a souvenir or gift back home? It does not have to cost much as most of the things I mention in this article come at a cheap price. Some examples of what you can find in New Zealand are Maori jewellery, bowls and shells.

If nothing else, you can always take photos and frame them back home!

Maori symbol
Maori symbol | Source

Maori art

The Maori are the native inhabitants of New Zealand. They have developed their own art style and symbolism. These symbols are now commonly used to create New Zealand souvenirs. These symbols represent growth and new beginnings.

You'll find a lot of jewellery and Jade carvings with traditional Maori designs. These souvenirs can be found in various shades of green. The item in the photo on the right is made of glass.

Maori products

Paua shells

Paua shells can be found in many shops for a cheap price. These shells are really colorful and shiny. They are polished and all sand has been removed. Be careful when bringing them back home as they are rather fragile. Paua is also used in jewellery so you don't have to bring the whole shell: you can go for a pendant or necklace if that's what you prefer.

Just in case you are wondering: I have not experienced any problems at customs with this Paua shell, even after a quick question to verify it. But I'm not a lawyer so you should check with your country if it is allowed. I don't imagine it to be a problem though.

Paua shell
Paua shell | Source

Hand-painted artwork

You can also find hand-painted artwork as a souvenir or gift. I found the following bowl during a stroll on the market in Queenstown, New Zealand. It was made by a local New Zealand artist and there were also bowls in green and red.. I picked a blue one.

They're a great New Zealand gift because everyone can use a bowl to store something or to place fruit or candy on. It's hard to go wrong with this type of gifts.

Hand-painted bowl
Hand-painted bowl | Source
My bungee jump, Queenstown, New Zealand
My bungee jump, Queenstown, New Zealand | Source

Thrilling souvenirs: Photos of bungee jumping and skydiving

New Zealand is famous for its thrilling activities, such as bungee jumping, skydiving and wild water rafting. Many of these attractions earn some extra cash by photographing or videotaping you while you extend your own limits! In particular if it is your first time that you are jumping off a ledge or out of an aircraft, these photos make a great souvenir.

The article below describes what happens when you do a bungee jump in New Zealand - in my case at the Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown, New Zealand. Check it out if you are looking for such a unique souvenir!

Lake Nelson, New Zealand
Lake Nelson, New Zealand | Source

Explore New Zealand and take great photos!

Speaking of photos, another way to bring home some good souvenirs is to take awesome photos of New Zealand's landscape. If you have a great camera, this is a cheap way to capture your New Zealand experience.

At some locations, even the worst photographer will walk away with photos that you can frame and hang on your wall back home. Have a look at these photos which were taken with just a simple digital camera!

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand | Source

If you're into hiking then you should really attempt the Tongariro Crossing near Taupo, New Zealand. It provides many great photo opportunities and the landscape is just amazing. I wish I could tell you more about it here but the following article already shares seven reasons why you should walk this hiking track, have a look:

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    • Kay Sunshine profile image

      Kristen Strobak 

      4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      I had the pleasure in traveling to NZ this year and they definitely had all of these and more in just about any shop! Cool!

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 

      7 years ago from GA, United States

      that's some really cool stuff!


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