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Nintendo 3DS Console Review

Updated on October 14, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS Console is an amazing gaming console that brings true 3D gaming to a handheld console, without the need for 3D Glasses! Read more in our Nintendo 3DS Console Review!

Introduction to the Nintendo 3DS Console Review

Writing a review on the Nintendo 3DS Console is one of the hardest reviews I have ever written. It is honestly hard to write about just how '3D' the 3DS console looks, and trust me, it looks like you could reach out and touch the in game characters.

While I do try to remain impartial in all my reviews, my sheer astonishment and enjoyment of the games I tested on this machine (including a remake of the classic N64 game Star Fox) gave me an instant bias. However I think this bias is well deserved since it really did astound me so much.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Nintendo 3DS is the first step in a whole new style of gameplay. With a new era of 3D gaming at our doorstep it is safe to say that we can look forward to a more immersing, compelling and realistic future of games.

Nintendo 3DS Console Review
Nintendo 3DS Console Review

The Nintendo 3DS Review

So despite the fact that I have not felt this giddy since I played the first PSP it is time to crack on with my Nintendo 3DS Review!

The first thing has to be the size, shape and feel of the Nintendo 3DS. The first thing you will find is that it is around the same size as the Nintendo DS Lite, but much thicker. The case itself feels professionally made, and the lid closes with a satisfying 'click' when you are done.

On the inside of the cases the biggest change you will see is that the D-pad has been moved down to be replaced by a pressure sensitive circular slide pad which neatly fits under your thumb. The D-pad, though required for many older games is unfortunately now very awkward to use, but I personally do have a huge preference for the new slide pad.

The other big internal change is the 3D slider, this is required to adjust the 'depth' of the 3D in game. This of course controls the unique 3D feature of the 3DS that we will get in to shortly.

The two screens on the 3DS both contain a significantly higher resolution than the DSi, the bottom screen is a normal touch pad, while the new 'parallax barrier screen', or 3D screen as my less technically adapt mind likes to call it, gives you the unique 3D gameplay.

With this new 3D gameplay comes the only big problem with the Nintendo 3DS console, battery life. The battery life while playing 3D games runs to about three hours. The good news is that when you player older DS games the battery life can almost double to six hours

Feature wise the Nintendo 3DS comes with some pretty sepctaculat features. The most important of these is of course the 3D screen. Before I played the Nintendo 3DS this seemed a little gimmicky to me. After playing the Nintendo 3DS however, my mind was changed. The new depth of the 3DS screen really does engage you and bring you deep in to the unique game play. I really do believe that the Nintendo 3DS is going to be the first in a bright future of gaming. The only downsides of the 3D capability of the 3DS center on problems some people have getting the depth right, and some people even see the 3D as 'inwards' not 'outwards'. These cases are however rare, and some people have claimed they have solved it by 'looking differently'. Not very scientific I know, but it is a point worth mentioning!

Along the same lines as the 3D screen, the Nintendo 3DS can take 3D pictures with it's front cameras. These can also be used for augmented reality gaming, but unfortunately we have not seen many games just yet that promise to take advantage of that awesome capability.

The other big feature inside the Nintendo 3DS console is that it contains a gyroscope/accelerometer combo. This lets you control the Nintendo 3DS with movement rather than controls. Personally i find this method of control a little awkward, but other people love it! in most cases it is an optional style of game play, so I think it is great to give people the option.

Conclusion of the Nintendo 3DS Console

While the battery life may be lacking a little, the Nintendo 3DS is overall an amazing piece of portable gaming hardware. The new 3D gaming ability is simply put, amazing and well worth the investment, especially since Nintendo dropped the price by $80.

If you are wondering whether or not this is worth the upgrade, check it out and decide for yourself. Personally I think the 3D game play is well worth it, but if you have just recently paid for another version of the Nintendo DS, then the decision may be a little harder.

Overall I am very happy with the addition of the Nintendo 3DS console to Nintendo's line up, it is a huge technological leap, and a massive boost to the entertainment value of portable console gaming!


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