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Best Nintendo DS Cases

Updated on August 18, 2015

Nintendo DS Case

 The Nintendo DS is probably one of the more popular handheld gaming consoles available. I mean, you can find loads of action, adventure, puzzle, rhythm, and loads of other game genres just for the Nintendo DS. And, with all of these games, it can be hard to keep up with all of the cartridges, since they're not the largest things in the world.

You can find loads of different cases and organizers for your Nintendo DS, DS games, and your DS accessories.

Below, you will find the best Nintendo DS cases that you can find. These cases are in a variety of different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. You should not have any problems finding the perfect Nintendo DS case for you or someone else, as these truly are the top Nintendo DS cases.

Nintendo DS G-Pak Organizer

The DS G-Pak Organizer is probably one of my favorite DS case designs. It is perfect for both the DS and the DS Lite console. The G-Pak Organizer comes in both black and coral pink, which makes it great for both boys and girls with different tastes and preferences.

This DS case has an adjustable shoulder strap with 2 additional mesh pouches for game cartridges and accessories. It also has a cushioned center divider for custom storage options.

The DS G-Pak case holds up to 30 DS game cartridges and 6 GBA SP games. You'll find places for your extra memory cards, game instruction booklets, links and power cables, and just about any extra accessories you may have for your Nintendo DS.

This Nintendo DS case is an attractive organizer that is perfect for keeping all of your game cartridges together so that you don't have to worry about losing your favorite games, styluses, or accessories.

DS Lite Dura-Case

This Nintendo DS Case, is specifically for your DS Lite console. Although, it only holds up to 6 extra games and one stylus pen, this case is probably another one of the best DS cases that you will find.

Although, my favorite case is the G-Pak, the Dura-Case runs a close second. Being that it's a hard case, you can drop it and you know that your DS Lite is safe and secured.

The case is made of a hard polycarbonate with a foam inner lining, which just furthers the safety of your DS Lite in the Dura Case's care.

This Nintendo DS case also features a pressure lock system which will prevent accidental opening of the case, so if you do drop the case, you know that your DS Lite isn't going to just pop out.

The DS Lite Dura Case comes in black, white, and pink, so once again there are options as to the best match for your DS Lite console.

Nintendo DS Mini Folio

The mini Folio is a small and simple DS case that will fit your Nintendo DS Lite perfectly.

This case is officially licensed by nintendo, and comes in four different colors to include Snorkel Blue, Honeydew, Pink, and Black. (The link to the right, will actually lead you to all four colors.)

This DS Lite case is not a storage case with room for extra games and accessories. There aren't going to be extra straps and pockets, either. The DS Mini Folio case is more of a protective case than a storage compartment.

The Mini Folio can hold a few DS game cartridges, but you won't be able to house your entire collection of games within the Mini Folio.

This Nintendo DS Lite case is the perfect on-the-go case for your DS Lite and a few of your favorite games. The main downside, is that there isn't enough room for your charger.

Nintendo DS Lite Nerf Armor

So this Nintendo DS case really isn't a case. It's more of a protective armor that prevents your DS Lite from getting scratched up.

You won't be able to house extra games and accessories within this case, but this armor is ideal for protecting your Nintendo DS Lite.

The DS armor is constructed of authentic NERF material, which again not only protects your DS Lite, but it provides for great grip and comfort while playing.

The DS Lite Nerf Armor comes in a variety of colors to include Navy Blue/Yellow, Blue/White, White/Gold, Black/Gray, Black/Red, and Red/Silver. (The link to the right, will actually lead you to all six colors.)

The DS Lite Nerf Armor has a hard plastic inner layer that is surrounded by a thick layer of nerf foam, which is what gives the Nerf armor the drop protection that it has.

Even with the Nerf Armor on your DS Lite, your DS will close perfectly, and you will always have access to the buttons and slots on the sides of the DS. The Nerf Armor is cut so that there are no obstructions in the way of plugging in your DS Lite while using the armor, altering the volume, your stylus, headphone jack, etc. .

Just remember to read the instructions and make sure that you put the case on right the first time because once on, it can be hard to remove.


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    • profile image

      OntarioMom 6 years ago

      I am currently choosing a case for a DS lite that we are giving our 6 year old. I bought a mario case that it slips into, but not sure if we should get something that always stays on the DS? I am looking for suggestions for the best case to buy for a DS used by a young child. Thank you.

    • profile image

      HiLo 7 years ago

      also... the mini folio is great. It holds your ds, 2 extra styluses, and 6 games. It will not hold your charger though, that is sad. Otherwise, it is a very good case!

      Take my advice!

    • profile image

      princess190 7 years ago

      nrf case is a lot better for dsi than any cases lol!

      even if it makes your ds fat, still it protects your ds.

      for some reason u just don't like it because you don't know how

      to take the case off that's why you could chech my video

      how to do it people.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 9 years ago from New York

      This is something of my son's interest. I forwarded it to him. Thx for sharing.