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Nintendo DS Lite Reviewed

Updated on July 10, 2011

While Nintendo has released the DS people will always be arguing which is better the original Nintendo DS or the DS Lite. Some people will say that the only reason that Nintendo released the Lite was to have people shell out some more hard earned money that they have, but if you do not have a DS then the DS Lite will be a purchase you will want to make for several reasons.

The first benefit of the Lite versus the original DS is that you will find a brighter screen that will allow you to be able to see better on some of the darker games. If you think about some of the games that you play that have some dark graphic sets for scenes then you will know how valuable a bright screen can help out.

The Nintendo DS Lite also fits into your pocket better than the original DS. While some people might not realize how difficult it can be to have a portable game system that you take with you only to find out that it doesn't fit into your pocket which means everyone will know that you have your system with you because you need to carry it in your hand. So with the game system that fits into your pocket you will be able to help conceal your gaming habit.

The Nintendo DS Lite will also have a more durable touch screen for you to use. Unlike on some of the touch screen games that you can play that the screen can get pitted or overused this screen is a lot more durable. So instead of having to get used to having to look through so many scratches you will be able to easily play your game with far fewer scratches.


The Nintendo DS Lite will also allow you to be better able to find the buttons that you use. Now you might not think that this is a good thing, but for people with large hands you will appreciate being able to find the buttons easier.


While you might already own a DS and you want to upgrade then the money that you spend will be well worth it. However, if you do not own a Nintendo DS then you will want to purchase the Nintendo DS lite to enjoy the benefits that are not present on the original DS. With the improved touch screen you will be able to easily see why you want a Nintendo DS Lite.

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