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Nintendo DSi Car Charger - Charge your DSi Xl

Updated on August 10, 2010

Nintendo DSi/DSi Xl Car Charger

You have a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi Xl but are you making the most out of your Nintendo DSi game consoles? One excellent accessory for your DSi/DSi Xl is a car charger so you can charge your favourite portable games console in the car which is fantastic in many situations.

In case you were wondering these Nintendo DSi car chargers also work with Nintendo DSi Xl as well so they are great for both game consoles.  The DSi and DSi Xl chargers are the same and work with both consoles.  However a DSi charger will not work on the original DS and the DS lite. 

Whether on a really long car journey, on holiday and forgot your charger you can still play your DSi and play great games like Mario Kart, Pokemon and New Super Mario Bros. You will never have to bored in the car again and can always charge and play your Nintendo Dsi where ever you go! You never need to worry about recharging your DS again!

All you need to do is plug the car charger into your DSi game console and connect it to the cigarette lighter and it charges - simple!

Already have a DS Car Charger?

If you already have a DS or DS lite car charger I am sorry to say that they won't work with the Nintendo DSi. However the good news is that you can get a fantastic new DSi car charger for a great price. Buy through this site and get your DSi car charger for incredible prices at $2-3 usually and a little more depending on the seller!

Where should I buy a DSi/DSi Xl Car Charger

The best place to get a Nintendo DSi/DSi Xl car charger is actually from Amazon.  I have provided a link to the best DSi car charger especially for you and you can get one of these car chargers at some really cheap prices like $2-3 dollars.  

I recommend you buy your DSi car charger from an Amazon Marketplace seller -at the time of writing you can fetch a new one for just $2.25 plus a small shipping fee or if you prefer direct from Amazon - a brand you can trust for $8.96.

Buy a DSi Car Charger in the UK

If you are from the UK like me never fear I have found a great DSi car charger which is rated 4.5 star on and last time I checked was £2.95!

Check out my Amazon a store and buy the DSi charger I recommend!

DSi Car Charger Picture

Nintendo DSi/DSi Xl car charger meaning you can charge your DSi in the car Picture from Amazon
Nintendo DSi/DSi Xl car charger meaning you can charge your DSi in the car Picture from Amazon

Get your Nintendo DSi Car Charger at a Fantastic Price


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