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Nintendo Switch: Will the Stock Issue Be a Win for Nintendo?

Updated on March 26, 2017

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's newest hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch
Nintendo's newest hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch

Will the Switch be a gain for Nintendo?

Clearly, the Switch isn't Nintendo's first shot at the console market. The Nintendo Wii, which sold over 100,000 units, was an enormous success. Arguably, this ended up to be a peak for Nintendo, with the Wii U not even reaching 1/5 of the Wii's sales. Although many claim that the Switch has created a cultural phenomenon similar to that of the Wii, it's difficult to be so sure. Even the Wii U had some reasonable launch sales, as hardcore Nintendo fans ran out immediately to buy the new system. A test of time, however, showed that the Wii U was not much more than a flop for the video game company.

While the Wii U had some good games, they simply weren't enough to bring back both the hardcore and casual gamers who had jumped to boat to other systems, such as Xbox, Playstation, and mobile. It's a tough estimate to tell whether or not the Switch will suffer the same fate.

Both fortunately and unfortunately for Nintendo fans, the Switch is nearly impossible to find at the moment. Many hope that this is an indication of the new console's newfound success, but it's important not to get too excited. Old rumors about a sales plan that Nintendo has enacted for decades may have some validity to it. The plan is as follows: Nintendo launches a new console, hardcore Nintendo fans and scalpers buy it out immediately, Nintendo restocks intentionally slowly for the next year, and BAM. Demand increases, as people get the mentality that the Switch is a limited, special item. If someone happens to come across it in a store, they feel inclined to buy it because of the thought that they may not see one again for a long time.

Take this rumor only with a grain of salt, however. After all, it is simply a rumor. Standing in opposition to this conjecture, it was recently unveiled that Nintendo plans to double Nintendo Switch production for the coming fiscal year, which can only be good news to Nintendo fans.

While some people feel that it is necessary to wait for the console to be more readily available before they make a purchase, others simply cannot stand the thought of another month without the newest video game hybrid. YouTuber Captain Nintendo Dude(CND) waited nearly a month in New York City for the Switch's launch, which may seem insane to some, or simply a reasonable protocol to others.

While the excitement for the system is clearly there, critics argue that the system simply isn't powerful enough to sustain the latest and best games. When a developer for Titanfall 2 was asked if the game would come to the Switch, he scoffed the proposal. Although the portability is a huge system-seller for some, the fact that the console likely won't have nearly the library that the Xbox One and PS4 have is an enormous drawback-- one which may keep gamers from even considering a purchase.

The games situation isn't all bad, though. Some major third party games have been announced and are coming to the Switch- such as Rime, Minecraft, and Skyrim, and that's not to mention the vast amount of first party games coming to the system. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, is receiving 10/10 scores across the board, and people around the world are giving endless praise for their experiences when playing the game.

Even with the power situation, though, it's difficult to compare the Switch to its competitors. The fact of the matter is, the PS4 and Xbox One are vastly different systems, and have completely different uses. Personally, I own a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch. I certainly can't take my PS4 wherever I am, but on the other hand, I most certainly can't play Horizon Zero Dawn on my Nintendo Switch. It seems that the two systems can easily function in harmony in the same household.

All in all, the Nintendo Switch has a seemingly bright, yet truthfully unclear future. Its success is dependent upon a variety of factors, such as its stock situation, future games, and most importantly, whether or not people think the Switch is a reasonable system to either replace or sit alongside other gaming systems.


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