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Nintendo Wii Fit Cheats and Review

Updated on May 20, 2008

Wii Fit

Nintendo has made fitness and exercise fun and exciting. There are four main categories- Balance Games, Yoga, Aerobics, and Strength Training. Within the four main categories, you'll find over 40 games.

With Wii Fit, you can install a special channel to perform body tests and to view your graph without having to insert your Wii Fit game disk.

You won't even realize that you're getting into shape because you're having so much fun.

Order your Wii Fit video game, so that when it's released in the U.S., you can play ball rolling mini games, boxing mini games, hula hoop, jogging, push ups, ski jumping, snowboarding, football, step arobics, tightrope walking, and various yoga exercises.

Nintendo released Wii Fit in Japan on 12.1.07. They plan on releasing the game in Europe on 4.25.08, Australia on 5.08.08, and in the U.S. on 5.21.08. Order today!

Wii Fit

The Nintendo Wii Fit is probably the most innovative video game that measures your body mass index (BMI) based on your weight and height. The game is meant to get you in shape. Wii Fit is something that you've never experienced before.

You can block soccer balls, swivel your hips with a hoola hoop, and learn a few yoga poses.

You use the Wii Balance Board to play in over 40 different types of games and performances.

You use your Wii Fit board for daily tests that are tracked in your progress charts.

The Wii Fit Age is measured by factoring in your BMI readings, testing your center of gravity, and conducting balance tests.

Wii Fit Balance Board Clear Silicone Sleeve

You can preorder your Wii Fitness board and game, so why not preorder a silicone sleeve to protect your Wii Balance Board.

They are molded to perfectly fit your Wii Board. You can purchase Clear, Blue, and Pink.

There are special cut outs so that you have easy access to the Switch and LED Indicator.

The Silicone Sleeve is made of a soft silicone material that absorbs and lessons any impact. It protects the Balance Board from overall wear and tear of daily use.

Wii Fit Balance Board Mat

When doing Yoga poses, it may be helpful have a Balance Board Mat.

The official Wii Fit Balance Board Mat is made of a soft non-grip plastic material.

Once you securely put your Wii Balance Board on the mat, you're ready to go. You're feet won't feel uneasy underneath the plastic material.

When you purchase the Balance Board Mat, you get the Wii warranty card.

Wii Fit Accessories

Nintendo Wii Fit Extras

Wii Fit Yoga Mat is an alternative to the Wii Balance Board Mat. Instead of the blue Balance Board Mat, you may consider the green Yoga Mat.

The Wii Fit Travel Bag is made out of a strong nylon material with an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag has external zippered pouches to store your accessories. When you purchase the Wii Fit Travel Bag, you get the manufacturer's warranty card.

The Wii Rechargeable Battery Pack is compatible with the Wii Balance Board power supply. The Battery Pack allows you to still use your Balance Board while the batteries are charging.

Wii Fit -- full trailer from E307

Wii Fit Screenshots

Wii Fit Cheats and Unlockables

Unlock Challenge Mode in Muscle Workouts

Get a 4 star on both reps in Press up and Side Stand , the Jackknife and parallel stretch to gain the challenge mode for this workout

Jackknife challenge: Get a 4 star in both the 10 sec workout and the 20 sec workout

Parrallel stretch challenge: Get a 4 star in both the 30 sec and 60 sec workout

Pressup challenge: Get a 4 star on both the 6 reps and 10 reps mode

Unlockable Fitpiggy Colors

Earn enough 'Fitcash' by playing different balance games and your Fitpiggy will do a little dance and change color.

Bronze Fitpiggy: 10 hours of training time

Gold Fitpiggy: 40 hours of training time

Silver Fitpiggy: 20 hours of training time

Unlockable Games

As a general rule, in order to unlock new features, you want to either play the previous games, complete the highest amount of reps, or do more Body tests.

Ok stamp: Attend 2 Body Tests"

Star stamp: "Attend 5 Body Tests

Free Jogging: Do the Island lap 2-3 times

Free step: Play Step Plus Aerobics 2-4 Times

Longer Jogging Routes: Play the highest game 2-4 times in order to unlock the next one up

Step Plus Aerobics: Play step Aerobics a 2-4 times

Tightrope Advanced: Complete Normal Tightrope

Tightrope Super Advanced: Complete Advanced Tightrope

Alternate Jogging Routes

When jogging, a dog will run past you and your trainer; quickly sprint past the trainer, and you'll follow the dog instead. This will take you on a different route around the island.

Ulitmate Balance Test

At the statistics screen, there is the balance board character running on a treadmill in the background. Click him and you'll be asked if you would like to participate in the ultimate balance test


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    • profile image

      Toshiro hitsugya 

      7 years ago

      how do you unlock the challenges on the wii fit in yoga i cant unlock them and i want to do the push ups but it says challenge? and its gry plz help i want to do the push ups

    • solitaire profile image


      9 years ago from Afloat

      thanks - good information


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