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Nintendo Wii New Game Release: Fun Kids Video Games

Updated on March 2, 2008

Nintendo Wii Video Games

The Nintendo Wii game console is a new, innovative way to play video games. I find that the Wii Remote and Nunchuk create for a fun gaming experience.

Below, I've added three of the newer Nintendo Wii games to be released. These games are all fun in their own different way and style.

They are great games for kids, as there is no real violence pictured in the games (at least from what I could tell).

Sing on American Idol, go bass fishing, and top it off with a good mystery from an Agatha Christie novel.

Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore Bundle

Ever want to be on American Idol? Now, you can. The Karaoke Revolution bundle for the Nintendo Wii lets you step right into the spot light.

Sing the 40 new songs ranging in genre from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today's music.

You can compete online with the Nintendo Wii wi-fi function with up to 8 players. Or just play the multi- player mode with a few friends.

You can download characters wit cool outfits and songs using your Microsoft points.

Unlock the video content from the American Idol television series.

This game reminds me of Rock Band, in the sense that you get to sing along with the microphone.

SEGA Bass Fishing

Ok, I was excited to hear Bass Fishing was coming to the Nintendo Wii. I remember playing this game on my computer way back when...

The Wii version of SEGA Bass Fishing features four different playing modes, to include Arcade, Tournament, Practice, and Nature Trip. I remember three of the four from my old PC version, but this new Wii version outranks the old Windows PC game by far.

Throughout the game, you'll fight to hook Florida Large Mouth Bass, Red Eye, Small Mouth, and Northern Large Mouth Bass.

The game has great graphics with an authentic simulation of a bass fishing trip.

Use your Wii Remote to drive the boat and reel in fish using the control stick to drive the boat and the motion sensor to catch fish.

You can actually feel the fish nibbling on your line. You can use the Wii Nunchuk to scoop up fish with a net.

Avid fisher, recreational fisher, competition fisher? This game is just fun!

Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None

I'll admit it... I was never a big Agatha Christie fan. :-\ Oops.. Guess it was just something I never got into. But, the Agatha Christie Wii video game is something that' a little more my style.

This video game has an interesting storyline, which is essential to making most games interesting (some games are fun with or without a storyline), but this one definitely benefits.

Imagine it... You're at a lavish estate with 10 other people on an isolated island. A murder occurs, and the host accuses everyone to be the murderer. The tension mounts and rises as dark secrets are revealed.

Throughout the game, the number of guests begin to dwindle due to the cause of the unseen killer.

Play the mini- games and puzzles while you try to clue together the mysterious murders.


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