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No Man's Sky And My Honest Opinion On It

Updated on August 20, 2016

The Verdict

Whether you hate it or love it, There is a lot to say about No Man's sky, I have put maybe 50 hours into the game so far, So this is not an uninformed review at all, I have tried pretty much every aspect of this game and will include some of my game play videos below.

Now onto my thoughts about the game, First let's start with the Cons, The first big one being the differences between the game we saw in trailers before the release and the game we actually got when we forked our money over, The first big problem is something that doesn't bother me much at all but seems to have pissed off a big part of the gaming community and that's the epic creatures we saw in the trailers compared to the little hopping mushrooms we actually find now that we play, The reason this doesn't bother me is I have found some "kind of" epic creatures but they seem to be pretty rare, Which in my opinion makes them more exciting to find, So although this is a con to most players I find it to be a plus.

Another difference I noticed between the trailers and the actual game is in one trailer they showed a portal on a planet and showed the player walking through it, I have been to over 100 planets and explored quite a lot of them profusely and I have yet to find one of these portals, maybe they are out there, who knows but I haven't seen anyone else find one either and I watch quite a lot of gamers streaming this game.

One other problem I have heard a lot of people complain about is inventory space but to me this is a great aspect of the game, starting with very little inventory space and having to build up to have more, It is one of the few "goals" I am able to aim for in this game and this brings me to my biggest peeve about the game, There is very little direction given, besides following the Atlas path (which ends once you get 10 stones and turn them in) and getting to the center , There is very little to keep you motivated to keep playing.

I'm sure there are many other things that bother people about this game but I tried to touch on the main ones, Now onto the things I like about this game. First thing ,for me anyways, Is how relaxing it can be to play and just how zoned out to it you can get, If you forget about the trailers and false advertising and just play it for what it is , It is actually an enjoyable game.

The space battles are another thing I love about the game, They remind me a bit of Starfox back in the day, They are just hard enough to be a bit of a challenge but not so hard you throw your controller at your TV.

As for the discovering and naming aspect of the game, It was a ton of fun at first naming funny looking animals funny sounding names but after a few hours it lost it's appeal and I just started uploading discoveries with the names given by the game.

So as for how I feel about the game overall, I feel that despite it's lackluster release and people crashing left and right and PC players getting the raw end of the deal (I'm on PS4 and it's the only game I've ever had crash on my Playstation) I feel this game has a ton of potential it's not quite living up to yet and I really, really hope that Hello games will add some great stuff to the game in later DLC, So my advice would be to wait until they have worked the bugs out and have released at least one DLC before you buy this game, Although I don't regret spending money on this game, It is certainly not the best $60 I ever spent.

My game play videos

4 stars for No Man's Sky


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