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No More Heroes (Wii) - Cheat Codes and Walkthrough

Updated on April 8, 2010

No More Heroes

No More Heroes is an action game produced for the Wii console. The game focuses on Travis Touchdown, the stereotypical otaku, while he moves on foot or via his motorcycle throughout the game.

You must kill the top ten assassins in order to make the storyline continue. You will be sent to work at numerous part time jobs in order to earn money that you can spend on weapons, training, and clothes.

Travis lives in near poverty throughout the game, living in a hotel room that is decorated with wrestling and anime collectibles. After he wins a beam katana in an internet auction, Travis becomes a professional hitman. And when he runs out of money, he takes a job to kill the "Drifter," or Helter Skelter. But, now that he's a target for assassins, Travis sets out to secure his position as the number one hitman.

Based on a manga anime, you play as Travis Touchdown throughout the game.

No More Heroes Wii Game Tips

When playing No More Heroes, you will control Travis Touchdown with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. The Wiimote controls Travis' weapon, the beam katana, and the Nunchuck moves him throughout the game.

You will use the 'A' button for most of the attacks. Some moves will be preformed with the on screen instructions.

Since the Beam Katana runs on batteries, you will need to use the '1' button and shake the Wiimote in order to recharge your weapon.

The beam katana does not follow the position of the Wiimote, but it is able to distinguish between high and low positions.

You will be able to upgrade and replace the beam katana throughout the game when you visit Dr. Naomi.

In addition to attacks with the beam katana, Travis can kick and punch. When enemies are stunned, Travis can throw them with different professional wrestling moves, which you will need to manipulate with the Wiimote and Nunchuck.

Travis Touchdown has a secondary mode, the "Darkside Travis", that you can access when the 3 icons line up in a slot machine after you preform a successful Deathblow.

No More Heroes Cheats

See the Real Ending

In order to see the reals ending of the game, you will need to complete the game with all of the beam katanas that you can obtain. If you do not have all of them by the end of the game, you can choose to return to Santa Destroy, in order to obtain them. You can return to a bathroom to view it.

Bitter Difficulty

You need to complete the entire game. After watching all of the credits, you can make a new save. Then, you can select the "Bitter" difficulty along with all of your old equipment.

You have to complete the game in either "Sweet" or "Mild" mode before you are able to play in "Bitter" difficulty mode.

Unlock the Pure White Giant Glatonbury Mini-Game

In order to unlock the mini-game, "Pure White Giant Glastonbury," you must beat the Rank 4 in battle. In order to play the mini-game, you have to go back to the hotel and select the TV. You will be able to play the game from that point.

Unlock Shirt 00

In order to unlock the new shirt, you have to beat the entire game.

No More Heroes Tips

Surprise Slide

Resulting in a question mark above you targets head, the surprise slide is a quick dodge that puts Travis behind an enemy, which will leave the enemy open to damage.

In order to perform it, let the enemy enter a slash combo. Then, run into him while you're guarding. During the enemy's combo, double tab constantly (or press and hold the left or right on the C-Stick.)

If you've done the move successfully, you'll hear a brief sound as the screen gets dark. Travis will then slide along the ground in order to get into a striking position. Press the 'A' button and watch Travis hit the enemy.

Charged Death Blow

When you are performing a death blow, you'll want to shake the Wiimote or press the 'A' button when the screen is in slow motion. Triangles will then appear around your beam katana and your target, which indicates that the hit will be more powerful.

Windmill Recover

When Travis gets knocked to the ground, he will spin around with his legs kicking the enemies. There's a little confusion about how to do this move properly. Some say by pressing the 'A' and 'B' buttons, you can successfully perform the move. While, other say that if you press the 'A' button right before you hit the ground, you'll perform the move. If the enemy is near, you may be able to do it by shaking the Wiimote or swinging the nunchuk.

The Killer7 Combo

In order to perform the Jumping Slash move, you'll need to shake the nunchuk. This particular move is unblockable. But, if you're hit while getting ready to jump, you won't be able to complete the move.

Once you've knocked the enemy to the ground, back away but stay locked onto them, press the 'A' button. This will cause Jumping Down Attack, which will instantly kill the enemy.

No More Heroes (Wii)

No More Heroes: Bloody Massacre Gameplay

No More Heroes Help

Weapon Upgrades

Naomi's power and energy saver upgrades are literally life savers, since each time that you use the katana, you loose battery life.

You may consider getting the Tsubaki Mk- III and buying the LB upgrade for $999,999 because you'll never have to recharge the battery, which is a great help in Bitter mode.

Slashing High, Slashing Low

There's a "High/ Low" meter on the HUD for a reason, so stop slashing and holding the Wiimote at the same time. You can easily beat your opponent by listening for the sound when your enemy is stopping your attack. At that point, you will need to do a beat attack and jump back until your opponent drops his guard, or switch to a different stance. In this case, you can tilt the Wiimote downward to start slashing in the area that's not being guarded or upwards to that area.

Pro-Wrestling Power

Travis' wrestling moves will definitely cut the boss's health and knock them down to regular enemies, which makes them easier to beat. Although, using these moves on the bosses is difficult, if you watch for them to stagger just a little bit and try a beat attack, you should be fine. Sometimes, a slash combo can make them dizzy just enough to make them stagger into the right position.

You may consider hitting the 'B' button instead of the 'A' button to help with these combo moves.

Parry Attack

You can run up to your opponent, without locking onto them, and press the 'Z' button as you come into the perfect attack range. Instantly release the button and press the 'A' button right as your attack is being blocked. Travis should then flip over the opponent and kill anyone else within a 10 to 20 foot radius.

Nitro Tricks on the Schpeltiger

Although, the nitro option diminishes quickly, it's the best way to get to your destination fast. In order to keep your nitro guage up, you can drift turn to instantly refill the meter, or you can maintain your boosted speed (if boosting while on the bike) and your meter won't go down.


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