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No Time To Explain Free Platformer Game

Updated on December 7, 2010
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No Time To Explain is a platformer game with a difference, most of that difference being that it's hard as all heck, but like a domineering poodle, it will expect you to thank it when it makes your life hard.

The game begins with your future self crashing through the wall, being grabbed by a giant crab creature and screaming at you to pick up the cannon it left behind. You do so and discover that you can control your movements with the arrow keys and fire the cannon with the LMB or left mouse button in order to gain lift and height. You then begin chasing after your future self and its monstrous kidnapper whilst you're future self screams encouraging things like 'Aren't you supposed to be passing out by now? Oh god the pain!' and 'I think my nervous system is shutting down.'

So begins the leaping and the jumping and the falling into spiky things. Nobody could accuse this game of having smooth, intuitive controls. Indeed, it is a game based almost entirely on the fact that the controls make you want to attack them with a blow torch.

It's an awkward game that knows it is awkward, but oddly, therein lies its salvation. The major frustration with most games of this type is that a single accident will send you back to the start of the level to try all the tricky jumps and tricks again. No Time To Explain doesn't put anyone generous enough to bother playing it through all that ringamarole. If you die – when you die, because you will die, you are respawned right back where you were a moment before you died. No more running back to the last point of consciousness, you can try that difficult jump over and over again without seeing a game over screen. Hurrah for infinite lives.

Having said that however, there is no guarantee that you'll feel like being bothered actually working your way through all the traps set out to make you fail. It's strange really, because although I'd describe this as a fun game packed with humor, I still don't know if it's really what I'd call a good game. I suppose it depends what you want out of your casual gaming experience. Do you want to laugh and bound and play, or do you want to repeatedly launch yourself into walls of spikes?

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