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NorseCraft Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x16)

Updated on March 7, 2011
For more Minecraft texture packs, visit:
For more Minecraft texture packs, visit: | Source

Finally it is possible to create structures worthy of Odin within the bounds of Minecraft, using Lord Trilobyte's NorseCraft texture pack. Smite thy hammer upon the ground and bring down bolts of lightening as you unleash the power of the ancient Nords in a relatively safe modern setting

I should mention at the outset that NorseCraft is an exceptionally subtle texture pack. In other words, many of the original textures remain in the game. That does not make it any less awesome, in fact, for many players who feel a creeping sense of shame whenever they install texture packs, this may very well be ideal.

What hasn't changed in this texture pack are the environmental textures. You'll still find the same ol' grass, dirt, cobblestone, gravel etc, etc, etc. This makes sense really, after all, the Norse being Norse didn't exactly make the dirt look different did it? Dirt doesn't care who you are, it's just dirt.

The main differences between the default Minecraft texture pack and Lord Trilobyte's NorseCraft are in the GUI, which uses actual human hearts as a measure of health. (And when I say actual human hearts, I of course mean, pixelated pictures of actual human hearts.) Similar changes have been made to the armor indicator. Instead of having a row of white t shirts to indicate how much diamond you're wearing, there are actual round shields.

Chests and crafting tables and furnaces are also equipped with Norse inspired designs. By Norse inspired designs, I mean they are all woody and there are long white dragons inscribed in them. How strange that the dragon should be such a part of the collective human psyche.

Armor has been made infinitely more awesome with the addition of diamond harnesses and helmets with eye holes in them. Helmets that give you good skull cleaving protection, which is fairly important.

Where NorseCraft really comes into its own are with the paintings. Many of the default paintings remain (nice if creepers in the bathtub are really important to you) but in addition to the old paintings, there are also swords and axes to hang on your walls, not to mention animal skins and shields and such like.

Should you download this texture pack? Well if you don't feel the call yet, deep in your barbaric and somewhat terrifyingly black soul, then perhaps not. Or on the other hand, yes you should. Don't put me in a position to make life decisions for you, we'll only both end up regretting it.

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