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Updated on October 20, 2008

What is OGame

OGame is a strategic online browser game. Thousands of players across the world are competing each one even while you sleep. Currently there are several million players worldwide.


Since OGame is an active game where players spend months, even years to develop their empires, it would be impossible for new players to keep up with them. Therefore, every few months a new Universe opens, where everyone can start from scratch.


Of course, the game would be nothing without its own economy: you have three main resources, metal, crystal and deuterium. All of the resources are usually gathered by building mines on your planet or colonies. But after you get your first ships, it is time to start attacking other players and take their resources.


Points are used to rank players in one universe. For each 1000 resources you spend, you get 1 point.


Since OGame is all about fighting one another, various ships have been introduced. Some are used for combat, like Small fighters or Cruisers, some are used to colonise other planets (Colony ships), and some are used only to transport resources from one planet to another (Small and large cargo ships). You also have espionage probes: by spying another player, you can see how many resources or how big a fleet he has and therefore decide if you will attack or not.


Even after years of experience, defense is still a controversial topic to most of the players. Most of the raiders (people with big fleets who get most of their resources by attacking other players, as opposed to players with small fleet and huge economy income) hate it, simply because they spend much more time online to attack people, and there can be serious losses when attacking a player with large defense.

Defense is often used by new, inexperienced players, but not always. It's an effective strategy if you want to build a huge economy, rather than attack other players, because most of the players will not attack unless you have extremely large amounts of resources.


Research improves various things in OGame: it makes your ships stronger, makes them hit harder or take more damage from enemy ships. Some technologies are required to build certain buildings and ships.


As in every other game, there are rules in OGame which you must follow. It would be wise to get acquainted with them before you start playing.

One of the main rules is you must not make more than one account per universe. Also, various forms of cheating, bad language, threats etc. are not allowed. You can find all the rules on


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    • profile image

      random 7 years ago

      graphics R great

    • horns profile image

      horns 10 years ago

      It's free

    • profile image

      Dsmond 10 years ago

      Do you have to pay for it?

    • horns profile image

      horns 10 years ago

      I played it for almost a year, then I got bored and decided to move on :P

      If you have a lot of free time you should try it, it's one of the best browser games out there. Graphics... well, it's a browser game - means it's text based. If you want a browser game with better graphics, you can try Unification Wars, it has a client in which it all looks much better.

    • Sindicut profile image

      Sindicut 10 years ago

      Hmm...Can you tell me if the graphics are good? Do you play this game?