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How to Level Up Fast In Oblivion

Updated on October 22, 2013

This guide is for showing you some of the fastest ways that people have found in order to level up their skills quickly. Most of them are extremely simple and easy to do. I have added every technique i know so far, and I am still working on posting more. If you have more, feel free to comment and i will add them to the site.

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(Maintain weapons and armor at top efficiency. Worn weapons and armor are less effective.)

This is one of the more tedious of skills to level up, but also the most boring and useless in my opinion. There is no real "cheat" for this, as there is for acrobatics, which can be found a little bit later on this page. The best way is to go to the shivering isles and find the Ring of Disintigration. This will knock down a good percentage of your armor's health when you equip it. If you have many hammers, you can continue to damage your armor, and then repair it quickly without having to go through the time to kill other people in order to damage your armor.


(Run and swim faster, and regenerate lost fatigue faster)

If you are an argorian, you can swim towards the bottom of any lake or pond, which will make your athletics go up quickly. You can put a rubber band around the back of your controller and the left thumbstick so you can level up and have a life at the same time.

For those of you who are not argorians, you will have to just find a corner, start running at it, and use the rubber band trick. It's the same effect, but a bit slower.


(Jump long distances and avoid damage when falling great distances.)

This is probably my favorite of all the skills offered in Oblivion. It's relatively simple to level up. First, quick travel to Castle Bravil. When you get there, turn around and go across the bridge. Once across the bridge, keep going along the main path until you reach the next bridge. Cross the bridge and enter the inn on the right. Jump up on the part of the bar table that faces the right wall, and keep running towards the bartender. While running, jump, and you will land quickly so you can jump repetatively, leveling up quickly.


(Cast spells to breathe or walk on water, open locks, shield from physical and magical damage, and alter encumbrance.)

The "Protect" spell, aquired from the mystic imporium in the market center of Imperial City is the best alteration spell for leveling up your alteration. It is very quick if you are low level, but once you become an apprentice of alteration (level 25), many other spells will become available to you that will make it move more quickly.


(Create potions and gain benefits from alchemical ingredients more efficiently.)

You need mortar and pestle. Do this in a place indoors (homes, stores, etc). You have to be patient. You also have to know the duplication glitch. Get any two foods, for example apple and pear. Then use the duplication glitch on both of the fruit. Try to make at least 200 of each. Keep picking them up even if you are over encumbered, now use use mortar and pestle and keep making potions no matter what cause they make. As you make them your alchemy skill will go up, when you are done all you have to do is drop the potions and if you want, do it all over again.

Blade/Blunt/Hand to Hand

(Deliver the slashing and thrusting attacks of dagger and sword weapons more effectively.)

Before you complete the quest "Whom Gods Annoy", you can go to Rosentia's house in Leyawiin and kill the infinite supply of everscamps. This is not a crime and if you are a high enough level, they will not have a chance to fight back.


(Parry melee attacks wth shields and weapons. Successful blocks reduce damage.)

Get into a cave which has a high concentration of goblins/rats. Get as many as you can to follow you and than let them attack you while holding block (make sure you have a lot of health potions or spells).


(Cast spells to summon otherworldly creatures, summon magical weapons and armor, and turn the undead.)

Go to the discount spells store in the market part of Imperial City. Buy the "Bound Dagger" spell and continue casting it until you run out of magicka. If you are impatient like me, you will be smart and sleep for one hour to recharge your magicka, which takes two seconds instead of two hundred.


(Cast spells to inflict magical fire, frost, and shock damage, or reduces resistances to magic attacks.)

Once you have entered the Arcane University by completing all of the Mage's Guild quests, you can create spells. Create a spell that does a very small amount of damage to yourself, so that you can always have a target without having to break the law. There should be a spell you can create that does about five fire damage on self, which would be the best choice for people looking to level up their destruction. Just remember to remove all armor ahead of time, unless you fell the need to destroy your armor. The scamps in Rosentia's house should also be a good for those of you who get a kick out of roasting living creatures while they are still breathing.


(Cast spells to charm, conceal, create light, silence, paralyze, command, or affecct morale or aggressiveness.)

Go to Wawnet Inn, located just west of Imperial City. Stand on the bed and continuously cast the charm spell on Herussa. When you run out of magic, simply look down and take an hour long nap.


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