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Oh The Huge Manatee, A Free Arcade Game

Updated on November 14, 2010

Oh the Huge Manatee comes to us from Dig Your Own Grave games by way of Kongregate. It's a free arcade game in the spirit of many early arcade games like Space Invaders, you pilot a person (if a person can be piloted, which I very much hope they can) who can only survive if an exploding penguin doesn't land on top of them. Make sense so far? Good.

An actual screen shot from the game, in which I sacrificed my game life that you might see this static footage.
An actual screen shot from the game, in which I sacrificed my game life that you might see this static footage.

As you will be able to observe by admiring the screen shot above, Oh the Huge Manatee is not a game that will go down in history for its ground breaking graphics. The simple line drawings are minimalistic in the extreme, which is a trend in this year's women's fashion, aside from being an easy, clean way to make a game.

Though you may be put off by such a simple display, you must remember that this is a game designed for play in a box about 650 by 480 pixels wide, and also for mobile applications. Oh The Huge Manatee is also available for the iphone, for all those occasions when you want to avoid manatees when you're out and about in the world.

A common mistake made by many small game designers is cramming graphics into a small screen place until the player's brain melts down trying to understand what's going on. Oh the Huge Manatee will never confuse you, it will always be wildly obvious that your primary objective is to run from left to right avoiding sharks, penguins and manatees.

Gamers who prefer a more aggressive style of game play will be pleased to learn that avoidance is not the only option when it comes to raining sea mammals. Occasionally you'll find a grenade, which can be detonated to the detriment of the hurtling hulks.

The game comes complete with several Kongregate achievements. (Everything has achievements these days, it's a carrot and stick way of making people continue to play games that they really don't feel the need to be playing anymore.) You can become a 'Seal Clubber' by killing 40 sea animals, or you can take the high road and earn the 'Save the Whales' achievement, which entails earning 15,000 points without killing any sea animals at all.

This game will not consume your nights and days, but it will destroy a few minutes or hours in a way that appeals to your punny bone. Ha.


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