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Old RPG Games Which I Like The Most

Updated on September 2, 2016

Everybody loves to play games be it a computer RPG game or an Android game played in Android devices. In 21st century gaming companies are making more money than any other company. We all have heard the proverb "Old Is Gold" . This proverb also have some impact on the gaming world. I have listed some of the old games which is old but for me it's like gold. This old games are still loved and played. Lets start the list !!!

Zanzarah-The Hidden Portal


This game really rocked me up. I used to play this game a lot as this game had some features like the Pokemon animation series. You have to captures the Fairies instead of Pokemon in a capturing ball which looks like the poke' ball. In this game the main character has to explore the magical world, captures different types of fairies (dark fairies, water fairies, rock fairies etc) & also duel with other fairy master. The story mode of the game was good & also the graphics of the game was good for that time. The game was good for the kids also as it contain low violence.

Freedom Fighters


This is the second of my favourite games. The story is that Soviet Union has attacked on USA and our hero has to fight back the Soviets & free his country. The game has missions to win back New York. The hero is a plumber starts the first mission with a plumbing wrench only. There was also another feature which you get after the 2nd mission that is you can recruit upto 12 mates whom you can give simple orders such as "follow," "attack," and "defend". The game graphics was ok. Game missions are also easy.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


This is a game which make us feel like in real world. This is a open world action-adventure game and is based on Miami. This game has story mode but many gamers used to play free world mode. You could take any car or bike or ambulance you want to drive from anyone. Also you could take helicopters, planes and speed boats for a ride. You also could have several types of guns & ammunations for the missions which could be played along in the free world mode. The only thing you could not do in this game is that you couldn't enter any other buildings other than the buildings which are in the mission. This feature is added in the sequeal of this game i.e. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Total Overdose


This is another open world action-adventure game which is based on Mexico. This game has a feature in which you have the ability to shot dodge, in which you could dive to any directions with a slow motion effect, this move gives you more accuracy on shooting enemies in combat. This game has also many types of cars, bikes including DEA and Military SUVs. The game's graphic is good & the Mexicano background music is the best. In this game you also have some special powers which are Golden Gun, Tornado, El Toro, El Mariachi, Sombrero of Death, Explosive Piñata and Mad Wrestle. This can be used in the game. You could continue the story mode or you could play open free world mode with small separate missions.

Conflict: Desert Storm


This game was rated worst game by some gamers but I like it. This game is based on special forces at Persian Gulf War. You could be a member of British Armed Forces 22 SAS Regiment or the United States Army Delta Force. Each soldier in the squad has a unique specialty, such as demolitions, sniper rifles, machine guns, and assault rifles, you could choose one. The game starts with a training. In this game you could also control Humvee and M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle. This game has also a multiplayer mode.

Project I.G.I


This game still attracts people to play. The story of the game is based on a secrect agent who infiltrates the base of Jach Priboi in order to capture him and extract the knowledge of the stolen Warhead. In this Russians EKK are also there.The game has 14 missions which are a little difficult but could be completed. You could use many types of guns. The game's graphic is good & also sound design is great. This game has a sequel also I.G.I 2- Covert Strike.

Counter Strike


This game is all time best & still played in Gaming Tournaments. This game is mostly played in multiplayer mode but it has a offline single player mode also. In this game you have to choose your team i.e. counter-terrorists or terrorists. The team could be minimum of 5 members in multiplayer mode. The terrorists have to plant a boob at the target spot and gaurd the spot till the bomb goes of, the CT team has to locate the bomb at the target & deactivate it. The game has 2 more sequence Counter-Strike:Condition Zero & Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

As this is my second Hub please feel free to advice me on the improvement. Please leave your comments. THANK YOU !!!

© 2016 Biswajit Satapathy


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