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One Clue Answers

Updated on November 23, 2013

Introducing One Clue

If you happen to like puzzles or trivia, One Clue is just what the doctor ordered. This mobile app has been lumped together with the other apps in the "Graphical Trivia & Puzzle" category, maybe to a fault, as this game focuses on words and not graphic images.

It's apps like One Clue that challenge people, both new and old, to think outside the box and use their analytical skills to master the puzzles.

If you are wanting a game that has over-the-top graphics or all of the bells and whistles, you would want to skip downloading One Clue because it won't be for you. The graphics for this game are pleasant, yet simple. Minimalistic would be an understatement, but the game itself, is easy to comprehend, so it makes a lot of sense to have a user interface be simple and easy to use, as well.

Know The Answer?


How It Works

The One Clue concept is to take the short clue you are given and the first letter of the answer that they reveal. Once you have deciphered the point it's trying to make, you then spell out the word with the letters given in your virtual rack.

Overall, my main problem with mobile apps and games, in general, is that I really enjoy them, but am not stellar at playing them. What I mean is that I find myself getting stuck at different points, more so than I would care to admit. I have a short attention span and if I'm not progressing through the game, I will either get bored and try something else or will visit a cheat site to get the answers and keep getting my proverbial "fix".


How To Play

Once you've downloaded the free app on your smartphone, you'll begin at Level 1. Unlike some of the other games in this genre, the developers chose to make each puzzle its own level. I actually prefer this style, much more than the current trend of grouping 10-20 puzzles into each level.

By completing each puzzle, I feel like I am getting through the game at a faster rate, even though I'm not. It's easier to process, as well. Some of the beginning puzzles are pretty easy, but that is by design. The developers want you to get familiar with the settings, user interface and how the game works before they really challenge you with difficult puzzles.

Each puzzle gives you a few words that should trigger a variety of possibilities for the puzzle and a letter in the secret word. This is all you have to work with and as I said earlier, some of the puzzles are easier than others. Once you think you know the secret word, you will need to spell it out with the letters that are in your rack. If successful, you will move on to the next puzzle. If unsuccessful, you can either use a boost or visit a cheat site like One Clue Answers.

(note : As far as I know, the game is only available for Apple iOS devices. I'm sure if it keeps gaining in popularity, it will debut on Android, but for now it's Apple only.)

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What Are Boosts?

Knowing that some of the players would get stumped on a few of these puzzles, the developers have given you boosts. A boost is another name for a lifeline or opportunity to get you past that puzzle and on to the next challenge.

One Clue offers two different boosts for your consideration :

* Reveal A Letter - Tapping the icon (Giant 'A' with a paintbrush) will unveil one of the letters in the secret answer. Hopefully, this will jog your memory and get you going again.

* Trash - Tapping this icon (Giant 'A' with a trash can) will remove all of the letters, from your rack, that are not used in the secret word. This will narrow your playing field and severely improve your chances of a correct guess.

Once you run out of these boosts, you are then in a predicament, should you get stuck. The only options that I am aware of are to visit one of the popular cheat sites online, like One Clue Answers, go to a message board and hope the answer to your level is in one of the discussion threads or move on and play another game, which defeats the purpose.


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