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Online Business Simulation Games

Updated on August 17, 2011


In this game, you´re given the management of an American oil company. You start right after the end of World War II, in 1946, where you enjoy the economic prosperity coming after the big European cities reconstruction and USA own´s demand. You´re able to drill from Texas, Alaska, Venezuela and even Iraq. Of course, you couldn´t have the possibility of drilling in the protected zones of Alaska, or the foreign lands of Iraq if it wasn´t the corruption.As so during elections, you are able to feed your backing party needs (monetarily speaking, of course) in order to grant it´s majority in the Senate.


Here, you're invited to join this huge business simulation game with millions of players. All of them represents a wide range of interests with which you can profit from. This is targeted for those who love the laws of real economy, business, finance; the online gamers or the people who like to socialise. The few economic fields the game has offers more than 100 different products you can produce and develop in order to get your green numbers.

Code Monkey

In this game you are given a software company you own. At the start, you are by yourself, you don't have expenses and you must start working on some projects to get some income. While that, you can learn to use new technologies within the software industry, which are going to allow you to go on with more and more complex projects through the time. At some point, you can also hire new programmers and joined in teams, which you can assign for working on new projects or develop a new technology.


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