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Online Chicken Games: Play Chicken Hunt

Updated on June 2, 2011

Rid the world of rogue chickens

Imagine, if you will, a rolling meadow in a suburban park. A walking path stretches into the distance. Green grass carpets acres of serenity. Placidity has taken up residence in every nook and cranny. At any moment, a picnic could break out along the cool blue waters of a river wending through the background in an absurdly peaceful way.

Suddenly, without warning, before you can cover the potato salad, clucking rends the silence. Hordes of, well, chickens, fly purposefully through your field of vision. Their feathers are blue and they navigate like peregrine falcons, but they are unmistakably chickens because the title of this game is Chicken Hunt.

This game wants to know who will be doing the shooting.
This game wants to know who will be doing the shooting. | Source

Are you keeping up with this narrative?

Our story so far: mutant chickens are cruising through what appears to be average suburbia. Fortunately, you have been provided with a shotgun and virtually unlimited numbers of shells because discharging a firearm in a public park obviously trumps a few semi-flightless birds overhead.

Are you up to the challenge? Can you rid the park of restless chickens?

Rid the world of blue chickens, one bird at a time.
Rid the world of blue chickens, one bird at a time.

It's easy to play

No hunting license is required. Simply type in your name, or someone else's name, or what you wish was your name. Type whatever you like: it's not validated and it appears nowhere throughout the game. We imagine an immense table of game player names stored on a high-powered server somewhere in cyberspace. It's a write-only database. That could happen.

You find yourself armed and dangerous. Your job seems to be defending the peace at a place that's almost completely unlike any place where chickens would fly by and people would shoot at them. Perhaps there are chicken farms at stage-left and stage-right from which a never-ending supply of blue-winged chickens are escaping.Regardless of the back-story, these birds need to be blasted. The responsibility is obviously yours because everyone else is playing Frisbee and grilling burgers.

You got one! Don't worry: there's no limit on chickens.
You got one! Don't worry: there's no limit on chickens.

Is it fun to play?

Public health hazards aside, the game is somewhat fun. Your gun sight is immense and easy to line up on the chickens. These birds fly predictably in a mostly straight line from one side of the screen to the other. They rarely fly past anything that shouldn't be shot at, except an absolutely inexplicable single propeller airplane towing a massive banner with nothing written on it. In this world without rules, nothing should surprise you.

Line up the gun sight on a chicken, click your mouse (chickens hate mice), and recoil in horror as the unsuspecting bird plummets toward perfectly groomed grass. Fortunately, the physics of this game dictate that bird carcasses vanish before hitting the ground.

How do you win?

Every exterminated bird is a victory. Take satisfaction in your hits and misses because when the clock runs out (every city park has a countdown timer for chicken hunters, right?) the game ends. If there's a Level 2, we were unable to reach it. Points are awarded for dead birds. These points probably end up in the same database where your name was stored. They have approximately the same value as airline miles on your credit card.

Are you supposed to shoot the airplane?

We don't know if shooting down the airplane is part of the game. Perhaps the pilot is planing a daring chicken rescue. Maybe she is delivering bullet-proof vests to patiently waiting chickens outside your field of vision. We can only speculate.

Should you play?

It's free and it has chickens. 'nuff said.

Anyway, the game physics are weak. Shooting a bird in the distance is precisely the same as shooting a bird in the foreground. Line up your gun sight on the bird and click your mouse. Your aim at a far-away target does not need to be adjusted for windage and elevation, let alone the travel time of the bullet.


The audio is entertaining for a brief period, the graphics are pretty good, the physics are sub-par. A chicken sandwich is probably more fun.

Blasting Blue Chickens


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