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Play Online Football Games

Updated on February 18, 2008

Online Games

Got some extra time on your hands? Like football? Enjoy playing games? Why not consider online football games? Below you'll find a few websites where you can find online sports games, to include football.

These games are free online games, that hopefully you will love and enjoy. If not, leave me a comment below about what you thought about the website, the quality of the games, etc.

Pogo allows you to play free online games. You can choose from various card games, word games, board games, arcade games, and sports games. They have an All Star Football game, to which they claim is the ultimate online football game. You are able to create your own team; play in a scrimmage mode; promote players to silver, gold, and bronze; and chat with your opponents.

Playing All Star Football on the Pogo website, you can make touchdowns, juke defenders, and toss the ball to wide receivers. You can choose your own defense plays, do the end zone shuffle when you score, and have fun playing football in the comforts of your own home or office.

Check out the online EA Football game HERE.

NFL Rush

This nifty website will allow you to find out more information about NFL players, NFL plays, and football. You can enter contests, watch videos, and of course play games!

Overall, I found this site very interesting. It was packed with information and entertaining at that. The site, overall, is definitely a boredom killer. When you are finished with one section, you can find something to do, read, or watch, in another area of the website.

To find out more, click HERE.

Online Football Game

Ok, although this particular game may appear a little archaic in terms of today's graphics, but after attempting the game, it's not as easy as it looks.

You play the game by moving your man by clicking on him with your mouse and moving him around. You'll use your spacebar on your keyboard to through the ball.

It really does seem like a simply drawn out game, but I'd like to hear your thoughts after you play it.

Click HERE for more information about this online football game.


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