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Online Poker Video Games: Console, PC, and Handheld Poker Games For Fun

Updated on December 9, 2009

For-fun poker games have always been popular. But as technology advances, it is getting easier to play poker video games from nearly anywhere. Be it Xbox 360 Poker games, Facebook Poker, poker for the Nintendo DS, poker sims on the PC, or even poker puzzle games, it seems that this centuries old card game has taken every form of media by storm.

If you're at all interested in poker but have would rather avoid playing with others or wisely decide not to play for real money, there are a number of electronic poker options available.

Poker Smash for Xbox Live
Poker Smash for Xbox Live

Poker Video Games on Xbox

World Series of Poker

No, it wasn't enough to have every type of card game available in the world available through budget titles or cheap internet downloads.  Now card sharks can play the officially licensed World Series of Poker game right on their X-Box 360.  This is strictly for-fun poker, so don't expect any real money bets.  Featuring some of the best computer AI in the world of video poker, the World Series of Poker Video Game is a great way for casual fans of televised poker to dip their toes into the game.

Poker Smash

It seems that online poker has become so ubiquitous even Tetris fans are getting in on the action. Poker Smash is a unique mash up of poker and classic falling block puzzle games.  Players struggle to create winning poker hands from the constantly falling cards, stacking them up just right so that they can earn higher scores and special bonuses by creating the best possible hand.

An exciting downloadable poker game, Poker Game is one of the most unique items on Microsoft's Xbox Live.  Whether you're a poker fan or not, you should give it a try!

iPhone Live Poker
iPhone Live Poker
Nintendo DS Poker
Nintendo DS Poker

Portable Poker

Sure, playing poker games on your video game console is a good way to indulge your inner grinder, but what if you're on the go?  Don't worry: portable poker games are available for the Texas Hold 'Em fan in your life.

Live Poker for iPhone

One of the hottest online poker games available, this strictly for-fun poker game lets players from around the world gather together and play some poker.  The best part?  They can do it all from their iPhones or iPod touches.  Just make sure there's a quality internet connection and bet, raise, or fold until your heart's content.  An ingenious use of the iPhone platform, Live Poker is a great way to distract yourself while waiting for the bus, in line at the post office, or pretending to work.

World Championship Poker for Nintendo DS

Yes, even the Nintendo DS has gotten in on the poker craze.  Customers can play poker on-the go with their stylus with this portable poker game. Although it lacks some of the visual flair of other poker games, World Championship Poker is a good choice for the DS owning poker fan in your life.

Unfortunately, the AI suffers quite a bit compared to some of the more advanced options out there. However, this is the price you pay when your single player poker experience goes mobile.

Test Your Poker, a Poker Sim
Test Your Poker, a Poker Sim

Poker Simulators for the PC

There are a number of training programs available on the PC for poker players to engage their brains and learn skills or gauge their ability to understand the ABCs of poker in a safe, for-fun poker setting.

One of the most famous online poker brain teasers is the Donkey Test, a multiple choice quiz to help players learn where the holes in their game.  Basic results are completely free, so don't be afraid to find out exactly what you know!  You might impress your friends the next time they look over your shoulder and see you dominating iPhone poker.

Test Your Poker is one of the most unique poker trainers in the world.  Unlike the Donkey Test, this requires a lot more critical thinking.  The game clearly labels each player at the tables personality and provides you with the chips to deal with the situation.  Every hand you are dealt, you are judged by how well you play.  The AI in the test is excellent and you can really see how your bet sizes, checks, and other advanced poker techniques can effect real world play.

Don't Risk A Dime

Not a single one of these games requires players to risk a real world penny.  There is no gambling involved: simply purchase the game and play as much as you like, as long as you like.  With Christmas coming up, poker video games make great stocking stuffers for the men in your life.  Check them out!


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