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Virtual Online Stock Market Games for Kids

Updated on September 29, 2010

Stock Market Games as Teaching Tools

All of these stock market games are excellent ways to make learning about the stock market fun for kids. Adults can also learn about stock market investing and test different investing strategies with these stock market simulators. Keep in mind that just because you do well with an online stock market simulator, that doesn't necessarily translate into the real world of stock market investing. The human mind can wreak havoc on decision making skills when real money is involved.

Investopedia Stock Market Game

This is a popular online stock market game with over 350,000 users. This games also starts you out with imaginary $100,000 to start investing. This online stock market simulator allows a player to trade both the U.S. and Canadian stock markets. It is very realistic, allowing options, playing with margins, selling short, and the ability to set limit and stop orders. This would be an excellent and fun way for kids (and adults) to learn about how the stock market works with no risk.

Virtual Stock Exchange

Virtual Stock Exchange is a great interactive website about the stock market. It has lots of active online stock market games going on all of the time. You can join a public game or create a game yourself. There are thousands of stock market games to play. It even has stock market news, investing tools, and message boards on the site. This is an invaluable site for trying out different stock investing strategies. It also is a great way to introduce kids to the stock market.

InvestSmart Stock Market Game

This free stock market game starts you out with an imaginary $100,000 portfolio of stocks. You can even host your own stock market game at this website. Play can start at any time of the year. The stock market game is available at all hours, even if the stock market is closed.

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      Investing in the stock market isn't something to be taken lightly, but neither is it that complicated. There's an old game that teaches some very valuable lessons:

      Stock Ticker is a classic board games that teaches one valuable lesson about dollar-cost averaging: if you're reasonably careful, over time you can't not make money in the markets.

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      How to Hack the Stock Market 7 years ago

      I love that they have games for investing for kids. Do they have these game for my kids to use on their smart phones. Now that wood be great.

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      Sandra James 9 years ago from Chennai

      I never knew there wre games for the stock market . I will link you hub to mine on the stokc market for games section. Thanks