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Order & Chaos Online - Treasure Cave (TCN) dungeon guide

Updated on October 3, 2016
Treasure Cave load screen
Treasure Cave load screen | Source

Treasure Cave (TCN)

Treasure Cave (TCN) is the first Co-Op dungeon in Order & Chaos Online. It was introduced with update on August 31, 2016.

TCN is located in The Grey Market, a main city within The Petrified Forest.

Players need to be level 70 to teleport to any of the new zones in Polynia Island.

Dungeon Requirements

Players must be level 73 and complete the quest chain Treasure Cave to enter.

  • (Quest) Treasure Cave starts in Greenmont from Aron, who sits on a bench near the teleporter. It completes at Marta, outside TCN in The Grey Market.
  • (Quest) Collect Information starts at Marta. It completes by speaking to 4 NPCs nearby with chat bubbles above their heads: Laura, Nicu, Sever, and Zaharia.

After completing those quests, an optional daily quest becomes available. Set the Dungeon Mode to Normal and enter the dungeon. Players can either attempt to solo the dungeon or have one teammate with them.

Treasure Cave map
Treasure Cave map | Source

TCN Walkthrough

When entering the dungeon there will be an Ominous Chest in the room to speak with. It will give two options: start now, or wait. Selecting start does not actually rush the player and there is no time limit at this point. Upon starting, the chest will disappear and there will be two red portals on the ground - one on either side of the room. Each player takes a side. The portals do not have a loading screen, it will be instant when walking through.

The next room is the Bronze Cave. Another Ominous Chest will appear in the center. This and the next two rooms (Silver Cave and Diamond Cave) will each have a certain challenge that both players must complete. If soloing, the player will need to complete the challenge on both sides to continue to the next room. (After completing the challenge on your side, a blue crystal appears in the room that can be selected to transport you to the other side.)

The challenges are selected randomly but will be one of the following:

  • Kill the odd/different mob in 30 seconds. For this challenge, 3 neutral mobs will spawn and walk around. Pay attention to the gender of the mob and single target DPS the one that is different from the other two. If you attack the wrong target, or AoE and kill them all, the challenge will fail. The mobs will take a significant amount of damage so every class/spec should be able to complete this challenge within the time limit.
  • Answer 2 of 3 questions correctly in 20 seconds. Most of the questions are straightforward about game mechanics, classes, regions, etc. One of the stranger questions is at which time does daily exhaustion reset occur - the answer is 3:00 GMT. Note: Sometimes a bug occurs when the last question asks which icon is used to represent the Auction House, and the answer cannot be selected.
  • Open 5 real chests in 20 seconds. Opening a chest that has a mob inside will not count, and a hostile mob may appear randomly from any chest. The mobs hit hard and are best to kite if possible since they move slow. This challenge is considered a luck challenge, as it has a moderate chance of failure. Note: Sometimes chests will not appear on one player's side and the challenge will fail.

Either player can begin the challenge, but it is recommended for only one player to do so when both players are ready. If both players start a challenge at the same time it will duplicate the challenge (6 mobs instead of 3, 2 quizzes, etc.) Completing the challenge on both sides, both players will see a message they can continue on to the next room. If one of the players fail the challenge a Greed Chest appears in the room and will give the option to try again by spending 10 Gold Dragon Coins. If neither player has that many coins they will need to run out and reset the dungeon.

Starting each challenge gives the players 4 exh, this includes failing and trying again. Fortunately, players can continue to the next room even if they are at 100 exh since there are no loading screens.

Successfully completing the challenges will allow the players to enter the final room.

Achievement unlocked Treasure Cave
Achievement unlocked Treasure Cave | Source

The Gold Dragon's Den

After completing the challenges in the three rooms, players can then enter The Gold Dragon's Den.

There will be one of 3 things in this room:

  • (Boss) Man-Eating Chest
  • (Boss) Golden Goliath
  • Chest with random loot

Upon killing either boss, both players will be able to loot without having a team roll. This allows players to be rewarded with class-specific gear. Players will receive an option to spend 5 runes to reroll the loot, for a chance to gain either an epic pet from the Man-Eating Chest or an epic mount from the Golden Goliath.

(Boss) Man-Eating Chest

This is the most common encounter (pictured in the above screenshot). It's easy with two players (one heal, one dps to tank) even with a 3k gear score. A good combination is stargazer mage with a mili.

  • The player with aggro will be stunned frequently.
  • A green pool appears under one player at random, move out immediately (use free will if stunned). This will deal 8k~ damage.
  • Near 10% the boss may start casting a long spell, which will hit 10k~ to anyone in melee range. This can be interrupted. He may cast this several times depending on how slow the dps is.

If attempting to solo this boss, kite frequently to avoid getting stunned in the green pool.


  • 3-4 gold
  • 10 Gold Dragon Coins
  • Chance to drop Common or Rare lvl 73 gear, class specific
  • Chance to drop new BoE gems, not class or spec specfic
  • Very low chance to drop the Ominous Chest epic pet

Golden Goliath boss in TCN
Golden Goliath boss in TCN | Source

(Boss) Golden Goliath

This is a rare boss and is much more difficult. A low geared team may not be able to kill this boss without rune/emblem ressing. Similar strategy as the other boss.

  • The healer should stand far away from the boss, as the boss frequently casts a flame spark type spell that hits everything in melee range for roughly 8k~ every second.
  • A yellow effect appears under one player at random frequently. This deals about 10k~.

Overall his physical hits do a lot more damage than the other boss.


  • 3-5 gold
  • 15 Gold Dragon Coins
  • Common or Rare lvl 73 gear, class specific
  • Chance to drop new gems
  • Very low chance to drop an epic mount, Bond: Golden Goliath.


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