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Order and Chaos Power Leveling a bannable offense

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.


The text below is being preserved for the archives sake. Power leveling is now a banable offense and the method no longer works. What was once an acceptable thing is now against the rules.

Do not try the methods below. It is now a part of OAC history.

Introduction to Power Leveling

Power Leveling in Order and Chaos should only be done if you are stuck between levels, or if you are playing a new character whose class you have played before.

If you power level a toon and have never played that toon, other players will notice. You will not have the skill you would have had if you played.

Do not power level other peoples toons unless you know they understand the class. This can lead to a lot of problems for the whole server.

With that being said...

Everyone knows how it feels to be stuck at a level and just need a couple more to be able to take quests in the next zone.

If you are power leveled then you may need to quickly find appropriate level gear. Try shopping in the auction house for it.

How does Power Leveling Work?

To power level a character you need to find a higher level to tag along with. If you are on their team you will get experience when they beat enemies who are close to their level.

The best way to power level is to find a level 60+ to team with. For this to work, your lower level toon has to venture into some very dangerous areas. This means it is best to find a place where you will not draw aggro and get attacked.

The high level toon needs to stay close to the low level toon to make sure they get experience. There are some areas where power leveling is fast, with a safe area for lower level toons to stay safe in.

The fastest way to power level is to tag along with a level 70 toon who can kill level 69 and 70 epic beats, the experience from that is off the chart.

There are also blessings that can help you level faster by giving you 50%, 100% and 150% experiences. As of right now, those three stack. Two of the same type do not stack.

You can get these with lucky crosses, in the free chest sometimes, in the 1 rune lottery, the 30 rune lottery, in your gift boxes and in the nick shop.

Stone Cost power leveling location.
Stone Cost power leveling location. | Source
Bruttos Camp power leveling location, No its not Burritos camp.
Bruttos Camp power leveling location, No its not Burritos camp. | Source
Village of grove farming location.
Village of grove farming location. | Source

Best Power Leveling Locations

There are many places you can power level. However, there are three spots that stand out more than the rest.

Stone Coast, Bruttos Camp and Village of Grove. All of these locations are in the Eternal Frostland.

The enemies that your level 70 downs will give tons of experience. I can't tell you the exact number because it varies by level and blessings. But no matter what it is a lot.

In stone cost, picture to the right, there are enemies called Likanii's Guard and Likanii. They are level 70 epics.

These enemies give the most experience in the game (outside of dungeons) and are the BEST enemies to fight when power leveling. Have the lower level stand up beside the big tent looking thing or in the graveyard.

If that spot is taken, then the next place to try is Bruttos Camp is the next best spot. Mad Nakhit Fishers are found near the camp, picture to the right.

They are along the river on the icy field. Here the lower level stands on the long piece of ice or go down into the water.

If that place is also taken, and that does happen, then go to Village of grove. Here you will find Uox's Striker, level 60 enemies (not epic).

Have the lower level stand at the edge of the city and the level 70 kill the strikers while staying close to the lower level toon.

Saintly Blessing in Order and Chaos
Saintly Blessing in Order and Chaos | Source

Using Nick Shop Blessings

My recommendation is to get as many different types of blessings as possible.

I do think it is worth it to purchase some on the nick shop if you do not have enough to get to 70.

You can purchase of the Nick Shop with credit card, debit card iTunes card(IOS) or Google play gift cards (Android).

Once you are high enough level to be able to help kill the enemies, participate in your own power leveling.

The faster you kill the enemies the faster they respawn and the faster you level.

Save all of your blessings so you can stack them all together during the final push to 70.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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