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Overgrown, Post Apocalyptic HD Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Updated on April 5, 2011

Ever wish that you could live and work in a thoroughly polluted post apocalyptic wasteland? 'Overgrown', a texture pack for Minecraft now offers you that opportunity. The first thing you'll probably notice about Overgrown is the green hue that consumes all it touches. It's rather like the Matrix in a sense. (Most of the first Matrix movie was shot with a green filter, with the exception of the scenes after Neo is saved from the Matrix, in which a cool blue was used instead. Stay in school, but don't take film classes, kids.)

Let's explore a few of the features of this pack, shall we?

  • Cows are horribly pockmarked and fleshy and might have cats eyes. I'm too scared to get close and look.
  • Cacti have been replaced with 'Cacti Inc' crates, which are useful for decorative purposes, if you like your decorations to physically harm you every time you get close to them.
  • The sand is now brown, presumably from the vast amounts of oil spilled prior to the Apocalyptic event.
  • Glass is heavily textured in a grid pattern that would ordinarily annoy me, but the fact that the metal grid is snapped and bent adds an air of authenticity that placates my nerd rage.
  • Cobblestone has been replaced with riveted blocks, which I'm pretty much fine with. Your diamond axe is now a scary whirling saw and your pick axe is a drill, but you'll still hit things with it, presumably because you have nothing to power it with.
  • Furnaces encourage you to SMELT IRON, which is useful advice I suppose.
  • As for hostile mobs, spiders no longer have any legs to speak of (I take that back, actually it is the chickens that are headless and legless) and the creepers are ZOMBIFIED. I don't know why I capitalized that, it's probably because I am taking notes whilst still logged on my multiplayer server and my horrific demise is imminent if I don't hurry.
  • Coal is now marked as fuel. FUEL. This is deeply realistic and innovative and I want to have babies with it.
  • Pigs are now presented as walking metal storage boxes, which makes sense when you kill them because the 'pork chops' now come in cans.
  • There's some great new artwork, I won't spoil too much of it because that should be something you discover when you download this texture pack. I do advise downloading this pack, even if you hate the idea and have almost choked on your tongue with every description, it's one of the most well made and straight up innovative texture packs I've come across, HD or not.

Download Overgrown Minecraft HD Texture Pack


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